11 Simple Habits to Having an Always Clean House

Let me share a secret. I was once overwhelmed by all the house cleaning that needed to be done- dirty dishes, messy counters, toys strewn all over the floor. I seriously dreaded the sound of the doorbell. Unexpected visitors were my worst nightmare back then!

But, eventually, I realized that what I needed were some solid routines and good habits to help me get back in control. 

Today, I am going to share some of these habits that will help you to always have a clean house. Well, not perfect - but at least tidy and presentable!

Simple habits to having an always clean house

1. Make the beds every morning: For some reason, just making the bed seems to make the entire room look so much cleaner. I also suggest a quick tidy of the bedroom. Put away books, toys or clothes where they belong. 

2. Wipe the bathroom counter after every use: After you are done using the bathroom, in the morning, wipe down and tidy the counter. keep a clean rag handy and make it a rule that everyone should use it to wipe the counter dry after every use. 

3. Do a load of laundry daily, from start to finish: Start a load of laundry just before breakfast. (TIP: Load the machine the previous night so you can just start it the next morning). Then, after breakfast you can dry , fold them and put them away. Never let the clothes pile up!

4. Do the dishes after every meal: If there are any dirty dishes to be washed when you wake up, do them right away. Subsequently, keep up with the dishes after every meal. (TIP: Tackle all the dirty dishes before you retire for the night, so you don't have to wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes!) Make it a habit for family members to pitch in and help.

5. Wipe down surfaces after every use: Wiping down the surfaces after every use doesn't take much time. But if left undone, the grime builds up and makes it tougher to clean. 

6. Put things back in place: Put things back where the belong once you are done using them and teach your kids to do the same with their toys, books and other stuff.

7. Clean as you go: Whenever you notice something that needs doing, do it right away - clean up spills and drips as they happen, sweep away any crumbs when you notice them. Leaving them for later, just causes them to pile up and overwhelm you. Start cleaning up while the food is cooking on the stove/in the oven. That way, the bulk of your cleaning is already done by the time you serve. 

8. Keep cleaning supplies and tools handy: Have a cleaning caddy to keep all your cleaning supplies together. Where possible, keep cleaning supplies close to where you will use them. I stock each of our bathroom with basic cleaning supplies such as toilet cleaner, cloths, paper towels etc. This makes daily cleaning faster as compared to having to constantly go to another room to find your supplies or tools. 

8. Leave your footwear at the door: Leaving your outdoor shoes at the entrance, will keep your floors cleaner by keeping out the dirt and debris that shoes carry with them. (TIP: Have a shoe-rack at the entrance for this purpose)

10. Do a 10 minute quick house tidy: Every evening, just before dinner and bath time, do a quick tidy of the whole house. Spend 2-3 minutes in every room tidying up - put away books, toys, games, straighten the coffee table or other surfaces, pick up trash etc. Work quickly and do as much as you can. You might take longer if your house is bigger. If possible, make it a family affair and assign each room to one family member.

11. Plan ahead: Spend a few minutes before bed reviewing your plan for the following day - what tasks need to be done, what products need to be re-stocked, when you will do them etc. Planning ahead gives you a control over the day. 

Your house will be clean, tidy and company-ready at all times, if you incorporate these simple habits into your daily cleaning routine. You will no longer cringe at the sound of the doorbell or make excuses every time a guest requests to use the bathroom!

A clean and tidy house will decrease your stress levels and your guests will surely notice how awesome your place looks. 

Which of these habits do you already follow? Which do you need to work upon? Let me know in the comments below. 

As for me, I need to work a bit on #11. Some days are so exhausting I just go to bed planning in my mind, as I drift off to sleep! :P

Happy House Cleaning Homemaker...

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