My Daily Cleaning Routine (FREE Printable)

Consistency plays a major role in having a clean house. And, the key to being consistent with your house cleaning tasks is a simple daily cleaning routine.

A Daily Cleaning Routine is essential to maintaining a clean house and saves time too. Once you get into the habit of cleaning daily, you will get through your weekly and monthly cleanings much faster. 
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Not too long ago, I was amazed at the difference that a little cleaning everyday could make to how my house looks. That’s when I developed a daily cleaning routine for myself, that has worked really well for me. These are the things I do every single day, as part of my daily routine. And today, I am going to share that routine with you. 

Trust me. It really works. Even if you do no other cleaning at all, but just these few daily tasks, your house will look and feel clean every day. In addition, when you do a little bit of cleaning everyday, it does not pile up and take hours on a weekend. 

For example, my monthly bathroom deep cleaning takes less than my alloted 45 minutes, because I do a quick wipe down on a daily basis. 

If you haven’t cleaned your house in a while, these daily tasks might take longer initially. But, once you start and do a little bit everyday, you will find that it takes lesser time every subsequent day. 

Yes, there will be times when just don’t feel like doing anything, or you have other priorities and commitments, and might fall back as a result. And that’s really okay. You just need to get yourself back up. 

So here is what my Daily Cleaning Routine involves

There are certain cleaning tasks that I like to do every single day. These tasks include 

1. Making the beds 
2. Wiping the kitchen counters 
3. Wiping the bathroom counters
4. Swishing the toilets
5. Doing the dishes
6. Sweeping and Mopping
7. Dusting furniture
8. One load of laundry
9. Quick house pick-up

Now, it does sound like a lot. But, honestly it doesn't take too much time when you start doing these tasks daily. 

I work most of these tasks into my daily routine, instead of doing them all at one go. For example, I wipe down kitchen counters as soon as I’m done cooking, do the dishes after meals, and pick up stuff around all day long!!

Of course there are some days when I slacken. Or sometimes I just do them all at once. But, as much as possible, I do them! Like, just yesterday I noticed a little truck lying aimlessly on the couch, but was not in much of a mood to put it away at that moment. So, I let it lie there until later, for my little guy to put away during our evening house pick-up!

To download a printable copy of my daily house cleaning schedule, click here

TIP: Laminate the printable or slip it into a sheet protector and place it at any convenient location (I prefer the refrigerator door). Use an erasable marker to tick off tasks as you go. At the end of the day, wipe it clean and re-use the next day. 

Making the beds & tidying the bedroom

A well-made bed makes a huge difference to how your bedroom looks and feels.

Make the bed as soon as you get up. However, most days I get up earlier than the rest of the household, which means that bed making has to wait for until they are up. Also, my little one is still a bit young to be able to make his bed independently, but I still get him involved in the process.

Next, do a quick tidy up of the bedroom. Put away books, toys or clothes where they belong. 

Wiping the kitchen counters 

Wipe down kitchen counters after each use. This will keep them clean and clutter free throughout the day.

At the end of the day, spend a few minutes in the kitchen and do a quick kitchen clean up - wash up all the dishes, clean the sink and wipe down all kitchen counters for the day. Don't forget to wipe down the stove as well! Finally put out new washcloths and dish towels for the next day. 

This way you can wake up to a clean kitchen and start off your day on a good note.

Doing the dishes

Do the dishes after every meal or after every use. Don’t allow them to pile up. It’s easier to do a little at a time rather than a ton of them later on. If you are fortunate to have a dishwasher, load it immediately instead of allowing dishes to pile up in the sink. And don't forget to wash and wipe down the sink and faucet at the end of the day. 

Wiping the bathroom counters

Scrub and clean the bathroom counter and sink after you have used it in the morning. Give the mirror and faucets a quick wipe down as well. 

Wipe the counters dry and lay out a clean rag on the bathroom counter. Make it a rule that everyone should use that rag to wipe the counter dry after they’ve used the bathroom. 

Swishing the toilets

Pour some cleaner (or even plain soap solution) in the toilet bowl and allow it to sit for a few minutes. (In the meanwhile you could scrub the counters and sink) Then take the toilet brush and swish it around the toilet bowl. Next, spray the toilet bowl and brush with plain water and pull the flush. 

Finally, take a disposable paper towel and wipe off the top and back of the toilet, followed by the seat, rim and lastly the sides (remember to wipe cleaner surfaces first and save the dirtier surfaces for last). Toss the paper towel into the trash. 

Sweeping and Mopping

Where I live, our house gets pretty dusty daily. That’s actually true for most parts of India! As a result, sweeping and mopping is a daily affair out here. Of course, that doesn’t mean the entire world needs to live by this rule. You need to sweep and mop only as often as you feel necessary. 

Maybe you could sweep only certain high traffic areas like the living room. Also, a quick sweep around the kitchen at the end of the day, might work wonders. 

Dusting furniture

Dust major furniture daily or as necessary. Wipe down the living room chairs, coffee tables, cupboards, counters, shelves, couches, beds etc. This can be just a quick dusting. Don’t spend too much time trying to get each and every speck of dust. You can do that during your weekly surface cleaning sessions. You could even use a timer to stay on track. 

One load of laundry

Complete one full load of laundry each day – Wash, dry, fold and put away. During the rainy season I leave the folding for the next day. So, every day I fold whatever was washed and dried the previous day. 

Start the washing machine as soon as you are up and ready, so it can run while you get started with the day. 

Quick house pick-up

Begin and end the day with a quick whole house pick up. Go through each room and put things back where they belong. Carry a little box/basket with you and put in any items that don’t belong in that room. When you get to the room they belong in, put them back in place. 

Get the rest of the family to help out as well. Turn it into a race for the kids and see who finishes quickest. 

Spend about 2 minutes in each room and set the timer so you stay on track. It sounds like a lot to do, but it really does not take long when you do it daily. 

By simply performing these few simple basic tasks daily, you can ensure that your home is always picked up and clean. If you skip a day, its not going to be the end of the world. Do your best and leave the rest! Just try, as much as possible, to do at least a little bit everyday. 

If you are just starting out, remember to take it slowly. It might take you longer to get through all the tasks in the beginning. But trust me, it will go faster eventually!

Do you already have a Daily Cleaning Routine? What house cleaning tasks do you perform daily? Do let us know in the comments below. We really would love to know. 

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