30 DAYS TO A CLEAN HOUSE - House Cleaning Help for Busy Homemakers

Really want a clean house, but don't know where to begin? Sign up for 30 days to a clean House and I'll help you out!

Tell me honestly, do you ever wish you could have 

Well, Let me tell you a secret - you really can have that kind of a house. It really isn't that difficult. Sign up for the 30 day House Cleaning Challenge and i'll show you how.

Take a small moment to imagine this, 

You wake up in the morning and the kitchen sink is sparkling clean, the counters are wiped down and the dishes are all washed and dry. You prepare breakfast in a jiffy and breeze through the rest of the morning.

You get out of the house well ahead of time because you didn't waste precious time searching for your keys!

Ok, you did struggle to get the kids ready, but that really didn't matter and you didn't loose your cool because you had everything else under control!

Take the 30 day House Cleaning Challenge and turn this scenario into a reality! 

Once you complete this challenge, not only will your house be clean, but you will also be stress free, confident and happy!


A House Cleaning Challenge is never easy, but it's definitely possible. There will be some good days, some bad days and some terrible days when you will just want to quit and maybe punch me in the face! But, this challenge is designed for success. You can do it; and when you do, you will feel exhilarated and stress free. 

Go on, give it a shot and see for yourself. You really have nothing to lose – it’s completely FREE...for now!

To be the first to know when we launch this challenge, download your FREE checklist and get on the wait list below.


As soon as you sign up, I will email you with a Free Cleaning Tools Checklist and a Challenge Timeline to get you prepped up. I will also tell you what else you need to do before we get started. 

Every morning at around 8 a.m. IST, I will email you with the day's project. You can either choose to follow our schedule or the one that we will help you to prepare according to your personal needs. In addition I will share useful articles, tips and tricks and cleaning hacks to help you through this challenge.

At the end of the day, once you have completed the day's task, post your experience and accomplishments in the facebook group, so we can all celebrate your success. If you wish to blog about the challenge, you can even post links to your blog posts here. 

If you are on twitter, follow #HTHClean30 to see what others are tweeting about this challenge. Also, if you share your progress or blog posts (cleaning challenge related!), tag them with #HTHClean30 so we can follow and retweet you.

If you are on Pinterest, join our group board 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge and pin your challenge related photos there. We'd love to see and share your success. 

I know it's a lot to take in, but don't worry - I will guide you at every step. It will be totally worth it. 

So, don't think any further, just go on and sign up for 30 Days to a Clean House and i'll see you on the other side :)

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