43+ Celebrity Chefs Have Shared the 3 Best Things to Eat for Breakfast!

Want to know what are some of the best things to eat for breakfast? Who better to ask than the Master Chefs themselves?

I asked several Celebrity Chefs a simple question: 

"What, according to you, are the 3 best things to eat for breakfast?"

In addition to seeking some inspiration, I was also curious to know just what our celebrity chefs love to eat for breakfast. 

Personally speaking, I love to start my day with a nice, healthy breakfast every morning. For me, it is the most important meal of the day

But, honestly, I often find it difficult to come up with new, interesting and healthy breakfast ideas everyday. (Especially since my husband thinks i'm a Masterchef contestant and he's the judge!! 

That's what led me to put together this huge collection of 100 healthy breakfast ideas... AND, I'm working on another list of 365 breakfast ideas, BTW!! I know... Insane, right?!)

Before I reveal what our celebrity chefs had to say, let me ask you: What do you think are the 3 best things to eat for breakfast? (Do tell us in the comments below. We'd really love to know.)

My favourite foods to eat for breakfast? - Eggs, Dosas and Pancakes!!

But now, let's get back to our Celebrity Chefs:
43 of them were gracious enough to share their favourite  breakfasts, ranging from the classic oats, smoothies and eggs to more exotic meals.

So, without any further ado, here are the best foods to eat for breakfast according to 43 celebrity chefs from around the world:

Best Things to Eat for Breakfast (According to 43 45 world famous celebrity chefs!)

Fruit/fruit juice/shake/smoothies
Oats/muesli/dry cereal/grits

Read on to discover each celebrity chef's favourite breakfast ideas along with quick recipes by some chefs. You can either skip to your favourite using the index below or sit back and scroll leisurely through them all. (I highly recommend the latter )
Troy Guard
Casey Thompson
Lon Symensma
Bobby Flay
Saransh Goila
Todd English
Matt Preston
Dale Talde
Alex Guarnaschelli
Beau MacMillan
Chris Nirschel
John Paul Khoury
Vicky Ratnani
Mario Batali
Rachel Allen
Chef Hermes
Gwen Ashley Walters
Kevin Gillespie
Andrew Zimmern
Ming Tsai
Gary Mehigan
Jenny Morris
Ingrid Hoffmann
Vikki Krinsky
Kenny Gilbert
Adriano Zumbo
Ajay Chopra
Fabio Viviani
Ellie Krieger
Rick Bayless
Grant Achatz
Monica Galetti
Ranveer Brar
Michel Roux Jr.
Aarti Sequeira
Robin White
Sam Sifton
Ronaldo Linhares
Melissa Clark
Tom Aikens
Nita Mehta
Emeril Lagasse
George Calombaris
Diane Henderiks

3 Best Things to Eat for Breakfast

Responses have been listed in the order received.

1. Troy Guard - TAG-Restaurant

Chef/Owner of TAG restaurant, Troy's choices for the 3 best things to eat for breakfast are seemingly simple. But, check out how he makes them extra special!
1. Pancakes!!! I love them... and so many different toppings to add.. kind of like a pizza or taco... it's great vessel. But sometimes I just like them with great homemade butter and 100% real maple syrup! ( none of that b***s*** Aunt Jamiama ) Must have buttermilk in them too!

2. Spam - I grew up in Hawaii - the biggest consumer of spam! I love the saltiness and rich pig flavor in spam... my go to dish is white rice, two eggs, grilled spam, Hawaiian chili pepper water and furikake!

3. fruit... I know, maybe sounds boring.. but nothing is better than fresh fruit to start the day.. when I'm in mexico its prickly pear, membrillo and mangos, every morning, in Hawaii its papaya, lilikoi , guava and pineapple! summertime - ripe watermelon. of course love berries , stonefruit... everything! and Colorado peaches! cherries.. on and on..
I'm surely trying Pancakes with Pizza toppings sometime soon!
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2. Casey Thompson - Chef Casey Thompson

Finalist and fan favourite of the show Top Chef (Season 3), Chef Casey Thompson's best breakfast foods include eggs and buttermilk pancakes - simple yet delightful choices!

1. Turkish Eggs (my favorite)
2. Eggs Benedict, SOS
3. THE best buttermilk pancakes with lemon curd (for the table) ;)

3. Lon Symensma - cholon

Chef Lon, Executive Chef and Owner of Cholon, shares some unique and interesting things to eat for breakfast. 

1.Kaya Toast, national dish of Singapore
2.Biscuit Sandwich with Sausage, Eggs, Cheese and hot sauce
3.French Crepes with Nutella
Kaya toast is a well-known snack in Singapore and Malaysia. Kaya toast is prepared with kaya, a topping of sugar, coconut milk and eggs, pandan, and sometimes margarine or butter. It is generally served on toast, and also sometimes on crackers. Wikipedia 
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4. Bobby Flay - bobbyflay

I must admit, I love Chef Bobby's breakfast choices - yoghurt, ham, bacon, eggs, cheese... all the stuff I can't live without!! :P

1.Greek Yogurt with Fresh Berries (I eat it just about every single morning)
2. When I am feeling a bit hung over...I love an egg sandwich..fried egg on a soft roll with ham or bacon and american or cheddar cheese...Delicious!
3. When I have guests at my home or if I am eating breakfast/brunch out. I love something Mexican or southwest inspired...Such as Chiliquiles with Chorizo... 
Don't forget to check out these fabulous Bobby Flay Cookbooks at amazon.
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5. Saransh Goila - chef/saransh.

Here's what Chef Saransh - #sadakchef - had to say about his best things to eat for breakfast. 
I agree with you Chef Saransh - Breakfast is always tricky!! Hence, I've enlisted the help of so many experts 

And, if you are a fan of Indian Cooking you may also like to check out his book "India on My Platter"

100 Days, 100 cities, 25 states. 20,000 kms on the road & one Chef Saransh takes us on a culinary journey through rural India, meeting local foodies, learning about their cuisine and creating meals using the tips he learned...

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6. Todd English - Todd English

It was indeed very enthusing to receive this response from one of the world's most respected and charismatic chefs, who has won a staggering number of accolades during his career.
Ok. So breakfast is something I try to eat everyday at some point during the morning when I am up, and usually after my workout which is like 3-4 days a week hopefully!

Usual. Cold pressed juices from my cold press machine. Absolutely the only way to have juice . The extract and flavor is beyond! Orange, grapefruit , and sometimes berry blends. Or I do love a smoothie where I mix whey protein usually chocolate flavored (love chocolate ) half a banana, chocolate almond milk, organic ground peanut butter (the kid in me ) ice and now I add a new discovery muscle building component called Fortetropin, since I am 55 and no spring chicken. This is a freeze dried egg yolk powder that has been clinically proven to rebuild muscle. I add amino acids, milk thistle , and b-12 To rebuild , restore and for energy sometimes a couple shots of espresso.
So that is one direction I usually go in.

Next, when in the Hamptons. Maybe one of my favorite breakfast indulgements:
Ok. So it starts with a trip to Goldstein's Bagels. I know, a great start right ? I order a couple (ok a dozen) 6 everything flagels, and 6 sesame flagels that had obviously been just baked that morning. I go to the farm stand, buy the ripest, just picked tomatoes (heirloom or local whatever looks the freshest) local cucumbers, and red onion - all fresh harvested. 
I slice the flagel in half and double toast the flagel, then slather it with a generous helping of whipped plain philly cream cheese , thin slices cukes, thin slices tomatoes and thin slice red onion (slice on a Japanese mandoline). The thinness is key to layering the flavors. Then I can go two directions now. Either I put a beautiful Irish style smoked salmon on top or freshly roasted thin thin slices turkey breast on top. Then a generous amount of crack black pepper from the pepper mill, flaked sea salt, your favorite extra Virgin Olive Oil (mine has been Greek lately from Crete. Something about the wonderful fruitiness and how it matches with the fruitiness of the tomato and a slight hint of pepper to accent the crack black pepper). Ugh. So delicious!!! I place the other half on top cut in half. 
Warning: this must be eaten over a plate as the cream cheese tends to ooze in the most decadent way!
Bon appetite ! 

Ok. Last but not least. Let's talk perfect French Omelette with fontina and fresh shaved white truffles. If you are truly in love or want to make someone fall in love with you this is the perfect dish for breakfast in bed - Something that is rarely achieved anymore but actually such a beautiful way to tell someone that "I love you" without even having to say the words. 

Ah. I just thought of something else. Maybe I can slip this one in as well. My Italian upbringing can not forget the childhood memories of my mothers panettone (double dipped) French toast. OMG!!!!! Creamy , fluffy, beyond decadent, and light at the same time. 

Depending on the morning, my mother would warm the maple syrup because it was usually cold out and panettone is a Christmas bread. She would add grated chocolate and shredded coconut to it. Genius Mom! And of course Mascarpone dollops on top as well.
And although I love all those choices, I especially love the sound of his mother's panettone (double dipped) French toast! Mom's always know best... 
Check out some fabulous Todd English Cookbooks
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7. Matt Preston - Matt Preston

I really cannot express how thrilled I was when Matt Preston - the world famous and much loved Australian Masterchef judge, sent in his best things to eat for breakfast!
His choices were surprisingly simple, but uncannily similar to mine!! 

You might also like to check out Matt's Cookbook: Cravat-A-Licious (2 Volume Set) 

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8. Dale Talde - Talde 

One of Dale Talde's top things to eat for breakfast is Pho - a type of Vietnamese soup, that sounds delicious. Although i'm not quite sure how i'd feel about having it for breakfast. 
Phở or pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles called bánh phở, a few herbs, and meat, primarily served with either beef or chicken. Wikipedia

Dale - of Top Chef fame, has also recently published his first cookbook Asian-American. You can check it out here:

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9. Alex Guarnaschelli - Alex Guarnaschelli 

Alex Guarnaschelli's breakfast choices are quite simple, with the exception of, maybe, cake! But, i'm still not too sure if she was serious about that! 

If you'd like Alex's secrets to great home cooking, check out her book, Old-School Comfort Food: The Way I Learned to Cook

10. Beau MacMillan - @chefbeaumac

This American chef and television personality had me smiling with his choices for the top 3 things  to eat for breakfast - Steak tartare, Champagne and left over pizza! Sounds good to me ;)
Chef Beau Macmillan has also co-authored "The Alzheimer's Prevention Cookbook: 100 Recipes to Boost Brain Health" with Dr. Marwan Sabbagh - a leading Alzheimer's researcher. This cookbook and health guide features 100 recipes that help prevent, reduce or delay memory loss.

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11. Chris Nirschel - Culinary Bad Boy 

Check out Culinary Bad Boy and Food network star Chris Nirschel's favourite breakfast foods. 

How's that for some breakfast inspiration? 

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12. John Paul Khoury - @chefjohnpaul

A delightful breakfast sandwich, almond croissants and healthy, multi-grain pancakes - Chef John Paul Khoury's breakfasts are a combination of  indulgence and health. 
Now, you can get your cooking questions answered by Chef John Paul Khoury via live video chat at   TalkToChef - john-paul-khoury
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13. Vicky Ratnani - Vicky Ratnani

Although a foodie at heart, TV host and food connoisseur - Vicky Ratnani - evidently likes to keep his breakfast simple and healthy. According to Chef Vicky, the best things to eat for breakfast include oatmeal, egg white omelette, a fresh fruit smoothie and idlis!

If you are a vegetarian or need some veg inspiration, do check out Chef Vicky's cookbook Vicky Goes Veg, which promises to have you rushing to the kitchen and add spark to your vegetarian cooking. 

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14. Mario Batali - Mario Batali 

Also known as "Molto Mario", this American chef, writer, restaurateur, and media personality was the first to suggest Chinese food for breakfast! Now, that's a thought!

Also, don't forget to check out this amazing collection of Cookbooks by Mario Batali
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15. Rachel Allen - Rachel Allen 

Rachel Allen, besides being a busy Television chef, is also an author, journalist and a mother. It therefore comes as no surprise that her 3 best things to eat for breakfast are simple and healthy too!
 If you are a busy homemaker or enjoy baking, you will surely love Rachel's cookbooks
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16. Chef Hermes - Chef Hermes 

Chef Hermes still remains a bit of mystery. But, his favourite breakfast foods no longer are! 

His best things to eat for breakfast are dependent on when and where he is. 
If away on a break or work, then it’s got to be Eggs benedict.

At weekend at home, then it’s a full English breakfast, I’m really lucky that I have an excellent butcher on my doorstep for great sausages, thick cut bacon & duck eggs.

During the week, It’s a vanilla yogurt, fresh orange juice, and a double espresso from my Gaggia.

I also did a post on this as well: The most important meal of the day - Breakfast,the recipes/
Well, that is Chef Hermes' week in breakfasts. And I really like the idea of a full English   Breakfast. Rather fulfilling!
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17. Gwen Ashley Walters - Pen & Fork 

The first to mention the nutritious and popular Avocado, Gwen Ashley's other breakfast favourites are chilaquiles and short rib hash. 
A Certified Culinary Professional and a full-time food journalist, Gwen Ashley has authored 3 award-winning cookbooks featuring renowned U.S. resorts. Check them out here.
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18. Kevin Gillespie - Kevin Gillespie

Grits, Waffles and Pho are Chef Kevin Gillespie's best foods to eat for breakfast. In fact, he enjoys them so much he can eat them any time of the day!

Other than his twitter profile picture, he also expresses his love for pork through his cookbook - Pure Pork Awesomeness: Totally Cookable Recipes from Around the World

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19. Andrew Zimmern - Andrew Zimmern

Host of Bizzare Foods America, Andrew Zimmern's choices for breakfast are nothing of the sort. His best things to eat for breakfast includes Bespoke smoked fish and bagel from @LoxPopuli @RussAndDaughter
If you too have an interest in Bizzare Foods, don't forget to check out some of Andrew Zimmern's Books.  
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20. Ming Tsai - Ming Tsai 

Television personality and celebrity chef of fusion cuisine - Chef Ming Tsai's breakfast favourites are simple and healthy .

Don't forget to check out these fabulous books by Chef Ming Tsai
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21. Gary Mehigan - Gary Mehigan 

Hanoi Pho, Eggs Benedict and an everything smoothie - those are the best things to eat for breakfast according to Gary Mehigan, much loved judge of the Australian MasterChef series. 
I'd sure love a recipe to that everything smoothie. Wouldn't you? But maybe we could find it in one of these wonderful Cookbooks by Gary ;)
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22. Jenny Morris - Giggling Gourmet

Also known as the Giggling Gourmet, this celebrity chef has some delightful breakfast choices.

Soft and trembling poached eggs and crispy pancetta is something I'd certainly love to wake up to!
For more of Jenny check out her book Cooking with Jenny Morris, narrated with quirky humour and containing over 200 accessible and imaginative recipes.
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23. Ingrid Hoffmann - Ingrid Hoffmann

Here are some great and healthy breakfast ideas by Ingrid Hoffmann. Check out her best things to eat for breakfast:
 Don't forget to check out these fabulous cookbooks by Ingrid Hoffmann
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24. Vikki Krinsky - Vikki Krisnky

Chef Vikki Krinsky's breakfast choices are delicious and healthy. Try out some of her favourites and don't ever skip your breakfast again!
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25. Kenny Gilbert - Glibert's Underground Kitchen

Eggs, Bacon and Grits - Those are chef Kenny Gilbert's best foods for breakfast. 

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26. Adriano Zumbo - Zumbo

This Australian patissier and chef is world famous for his exotic desserts - especially the croquembouche tower and fairy tale house on MasterChef Australia.
His best things to eat for breakfast include All bran, poached eggs and vegemite on toast.

Whether you are a fan of this great patissier or just love desserts, you must check out these fantastic books by Adriano Zumbo
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27. Ajay Chopra - Ajay Chopra

Chef Ajay Chopra's favourites include a nice fluffy omelette with some bacon, toast and baked beans. But, some days he does enjoy parathas or fresh hot steaming idlis with chutney and sambhar. Delightfully tasty choices, I must admit!

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28. Fabio Viviani - Fabio Viviani 

Fabio Viviani's best things to eat for breakfast are just amazing. I don't know about you, but the Bombo Breakfast Sandwich is another recipe I would love to add to my collection! Do you hear us chef?...hint, hint 

1. Bombo Breakfast Sandwich from Bar Siena (Fabio’s restaurant in Chicago)

a. The Bombo Breakfast Sandwich is a sweet and savory brunch item now served at Bar Siena (832 W. Randolph St., Chicago) every Saturday and Sunday created by Chef Fabio Viviani, himself. This play on the hole-less doughnut dessert item, the Bomboloni, acts as a bun to the sandwich with pancetta cured bacon, pork patty, scrambled eggs and american cheese between. 
Bombo Breakfast Sandwich
2. Toffee Glazed Brioche Buns from Maialino in New York City

3. Soft scramble with jalapeno and cheddar cheese (made by Fabio’s wife at home) 

If you are a Fabio fan (or not) you just have to check out his gorgeously illustrated cookbook - Fabio's Italian KitchenInterspersed with a touch of humor, this cookbook is a celebration of food and family that brings the joy, fun, and flair that he embodies, right into to your kitchen.

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29. Ellie Krieger - Ellie Krieger

Ellie Krieger shares her 3 favourite breakfast from a list of many. Great choices and healthy too! Although personally I would probably omit the radish - :P

Check out this amazing collection of Cookbooks by Ellie Krieger, for some delicious,   quick and healthy recipes and meal plans.
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30. Rick Bayless - Frontera

Rick Bayless shares his most satisfying, exotic and nostalgic breakfasts. 
Menudo (a traditional Mexican soup) sounds like something I might try out sometime - not for breakfast though! But, gravy and bread is more like my kind of a breakfast!
If you enjoy Mexican food, you will love this fabulous collection of Books by Rick Bayless
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31. Chef Dennis - Ask Chef Dennis

Blab and YouTube Show Host and Producer - Chef Dennis has some great breakfast choices.
I'd love to indulge in some nice bacon and cheese omelet for breakfast. But, as Chef also admitted, it is only an occasional indulgence. I'm fine with that! 
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32. Grant Achatz - alinea

Chef Grant Achatz, one of the most awarded and recognized chefs in the world, is also one of the leaders in molecular gastronomy. 

His favourite foods to eat for breakfast include greek yogurt, eggs, whole wheat toast. And yes... coffee too! 

Do check out Grant's cookbook, Alinea, which features more than 100 dishes (600 recipes) and 600 photographs presented in a deluxe volume.

33. Monica Galetti - @MGaletti01

Chef and Judge of Masterchef: The Professionals, Monica Galleti's best things to eat for breakfast include some simple and healthy choices - Toast, porridge, yoghurt, fresh fruit.

Check out her cookbook, Monica's Kitchen, wherein she shows you how to serve great tasting food at home, everyday and easily too. 

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34. Ranveer Brar - Ranveer Brar

Eggs Benedict with smoked Salmon, Aloo Paratha and Indore Poha jalebi - these are Chef Ranveer Brar's favourite things to eat for breakfast.
And I do love the sound of those Aloo Parathas. Like I always say - mom's food is the best food! 
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35. Michel Roux Jr - Michel Roux Jr

Michel Roux picks sausages, sour dough bread and butter as his best things to eat for breakfast. 
Michel Roux has been on several television shows, including the famous Hell's Kitchen. He was also recently on the television show, First Class Chefs.  
You might also be interested in these wonderful books by Michel Roux Jr.
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36. Aarti Sequeira - aarti paarti

Eggs, flat whites and upma are Chef Aarti Sequeira's best foods for breakfast.
For those of you who might not know, Upma is a South Indian breakfast dish. And, you can find the recipe in her cookbook - Aarti Paarti: An American Kitchen with an Indian Soul.

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37. Robin White - Chef Robin White

Chef Robin White chooses really fresh and ripe avocado, Artesian bacon, farm fresh chicken eggs and homemade bread as her breakfast favourites. Great choices, I must say!
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38. Sam Sifton - The NewYork Times

Yogurt with granola, fruit, sausage-egg-and-cheese on a toasted, buttered roll - those are Sam Sifton's best things to eat for breakfast.
Sausage, egg and cheese on a toasted and buttered roll! Now, that's a breakfast I'd love to wake up to! 

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39. Ronaldo Linares - Ronaldo's Cocina

Reality TV star (Chopped, Chef Race) - Chef Ronaldo Linares picks baked egg white tortilla, boiled yuca and avocado as his favourite breakfast foods.

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40. Melissa Clark - melissaclark.net

has authored and co-authored an astounding number of cookbooks - including titles written with culinary legends. 
Bread, butter and marmalade - Food Journalist and New York Times columnist, Melissa Clark, keeps it really simple! 
Melissa has authored and co-authored an astounding number of cookbooks - including   titles written with culinary legends. Check them out here.  
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41. Tom Aikens - Toms Kitchen

One of the UK's most acclaimed and inspirational British Chefs, Tom Aikens, loves a rye porridge with blueberry compote, crushed avocado with a hint of chilli on toast with poached eggs and a bacon and fried egg toasted sandwich.
Tom Aikens has also made multiple television appearances, including twice on Great   British Menu, and has written three cookbooks.  Click here to check them out.   
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42. Nita Mehta - nitamehta.com

India's most celebrated cookbook author, celebrity chef and media personality, Nita Mehta, shares some healthy, yet delicious breakfast ideas.
She recommends an oat milkshake with banana, semolina pancake with veggies or a broccoli sauteed toastie to start your day on a healthy note.
Some of her amazing cookbooks can be found here.
And don't miss her Permanent Weight Loss Cookbook, Flavours of Indian Cooking and Special Vegetarian Recipes!

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43. Emeril Lagasse - Emeril

Check out what American celebrity chef and television personality, Emeril Lagasse considers the best things to eat for breakfast:
Simple choices by a great personality! 
Here are some some of his cookbooks that you would surely love to have!
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44. George Calombaris - GC

Wouldn't this post feel a bit incomplete with out the much loved George Calombaris in it?
I thought so too! 
Well, he didn't let us down: Here are George's favourite things to eat for breakfast:

Poached Egg, gluten-free bread, avocado, feta, spinach and a squeeze of lime. 

Do Check out George's Cookbooks on Amazon, especially his newly released cookbook - GREEK

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45. Diane Henderiks - DianeHenderiks

Diane Henderiks is one of America's top go-to healthy cooking and eating experts for television, print and online media. 
She is on a mission to teach America how to cook and eat well and this fact is made evident by her healthy, yet delicious breakfast choices.
Thanks for these great recipes, Chef! 

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day as it jump starts the metabolism, provides nutrients and staves of that mid morning hunger. I always try to incorporate a combination of good quality protein, carbs and fat which helps get the day off to a great start.




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Well, that's it from me and these amazing celebrity chefs. I do hope this post has provided you with some nice breakfast inspiration.

Now, it's over to you...  

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You could say something like this: 
"According to me, the 3 best things to eat for breakfast are - ...."

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