GLAMPS - A Simple and Flexible Menu Planner & Excel Shopping List Generator

Today, I'd like to introduce you to GLAMPS. GLAMPS is an Excel Menu Planner featuring an automatic Excel based shopping List Generator.
But first, tell me something, has this ever happened to you?

You come across this fabulous recipe on the internet and decide to try it out. So, you go out to the grocery store to get the required ingredients and come back, only to realize that you've forgotten an important one!! 

Aargh! Frustrating right?

Why did that happen? Maybe, you didn't take a shopping list along. Or maybe you did take a list, but forgot to include that one ingredient. Duh. (hand meet forehead... as Brian Dean would say!)

Whatever the case, it all ends now. It's time to get organized. That's where GLAMPS comes in. 

UPDATE: GLAMPS has been released for sale on 6th August 2015 and is available for purchase here.

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What is GLAMPS?

Simply put, GLAMPS is an Excel Based Menu Planner to help you plan ahead and an automatic Excel Shopping List Generator to ensure you don't ever forget to buy those special ingredients for a special dish!! What's more is, it's super flexible and very easy to use.

GLAMPS consists of 5 sheets within one workbook 
  1. Instructions
  2. Weekly Meal Planner
  3. Recipe Ingredients - Calculator
  4. Shopping List
  5. Printable Shopping List

Why should I use GLAMPS?

GLAMPS is most useful to busy homemakers,  who multi-task so much, that they are bound to be living chaotic lives. GLAMPS will help minimize the chaos by helping you keep track of your Menu Plan and Grocery Shopping and ensuring that you do not forget to add important items to your shopping cart while preparing an elaborate meal.

Other than regular meal planning, GLAMPS is extremely useful when you are planning elaborate meals. For example: It's your anniversary and you would like to try out some great recipes that you found online. Plug in the ingredients into GLAMPS and you don't have to worry about forgetting to buy any key ingredients. (Like I often do!)

Honestly speaking, if you are already doing a great job with your meal planning and Grocery Shopping, GLAMPS might not be for you. GLAMPS is ideal for people like me - who would like to bring some sense of organization and control in planning activities. 

How do I use GLAMPS?

Follow the Instructions in the Instruction sheet carefully to get the best out of your GLAMPS Planner

1) Plan your Weekly Menu by entering the Items for each day under each category in the Weekly Meal Planner. As an example, a sample Menu has been provided.
2) Next, calculate your recipe ingredients using the Recipe Ingredients - Calculator. Follow the Instructions carefully while doing so. A sample has been provided to help you along.
3) After you have filled in this data, the Shopping list is automatically generated in the Shopping List Sheet. 

    4) Next, select this shopping list and paste it into the Printable Shopping List.This is to enable you to make any changes in the list such as adjustments for existing stock etc. NOTE: When pasting remember to use right click, and in the dialog box that opens up select "values" from under "paste options". DO NOT use ctrl+v, or you will get invalid text.

    5) Finally, make any necessary changes in the Printable Shopping List, print out your shopping list and you are ready to go Grocery Shopping, tension free! :)
      TIP: I suggest making a collection of all your favourite recipes in the form of an Excel sheet. This has many advantages - you have your recipes handy in one complete package or you can even print out your recipe in the form of a recipe card for easy reference while cooking. 

      If you create an excel file with fields like I have done below, it will make it easier for you to copy and paste the data into GLAMPS.

      Don't worry... You get my personal Recipe File Template FREE along with the GLAMPS Planner. In addition I have put in the data for 3 sample recipes for you! :)

      1. Healthy Spinach Egg Dosa
      2. Peas Pulao
      3. Chocolate Brownies

      Where can I find GLAMPS?

      GLAMPS will be launched on the 6th of August via Gumroad.

      UPDATE: GLAMPS has been released for sale on 6th August 2015 and is available for purchase here. 

      What's in the Package?

      When you purchase GLAMPS, you will get 2 Excel Files

      1) GLAMPS Planner: This contains 5 sheets 

        • Instructions
        • Weekly Meal Planner
        • Recipe Ingredients - Calculator
        • Shopping List
        • Printable Shopping List

          2) Recipe File: This is a template where you can store all your recipes in a format that makes it easy to pull data into GLAMPS. Also, I have already put in three recipes for you- for FREE!

            • Healthy Spinach Egg Dosa
            • Peas Pulao
            • Chocolate Brownies

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