Maria Nasir's Tomato Paneer Masala

Today let me share with you, this amazing Tomato Paneer Masala by Maria Nasir and the story behind how it ended up on my plate last Sunday!

It was a lazy Sunday morning and I was wondering what to cook for lunch. I really couldn't come up with anything exciting! Seafood was out of the question since it is either not-available, not fresh or too pricey - And I mean REALLY pricey. 1 mackerel for 100 Rs?! Seriously?! And I was bored of eating meat through the week.

That's when I remembered that I had some Paneer in my freezer - Yes! I use the frozen store bought Paneer because I have never had the courage/patience to try making it fresh at home! :( and it had been a while since I had made Paneer. Now, our favourite Paneer recipe is out of a Sanjeev Kapoor recipe book - A delicious one that I will post the next time I try it - but, today I wanted to try something new - something exciting!

So, I quickly browsed through my bookmarked recipes and settled for Maria Nasir's Tomato Paneer Masala. It was a quick and simple recipe and I had all the ingredients...No! Wait! I had NO Onions!! Can you believe it!?How could I have let that happen! But, I was already drooling over that Tomato Paneer Masala and decided to give it a shot anyway - Yes!Without onions! Crazy right?! 

Well, not really! It tasted great in the end and I could only wonder how much tastier it would have been with onions! Sigh!

You can find this Tomato Paneer Masala Recipe by Maria Nasir, HERE
Tomato Paneer Masala is a curry lover’s dream come true ! Soft inside and crispy fried outside, the Paneer nibbles provide a beautiful contrast of flavour to a spicy, creamy, tangy curry.
You can use store bought paneer too but why do that when making paneer at home is super easy.Paneer is the easiest and quickest of cheeses to make at home. You can make it in a big batch and refrigerate even 2 days ahead. Just stir into the delicious, tomato based masala for a quick and sumptuous meal.

I coupled it with this Microwave Peas Pulao and we enjoyed a simple, delicious lunch :)

My two cents on the recipe:
  • If it tastes so good even without having used onions, it would work great as a no-onion, no-garlic recipe. ALSO - Great for times when Onion prices soar! (Which happens so often in this Country and even more in this State! ;)) 
  • Use fresh Paneer if you can. Its always tastier than frozen! 
  • Many of you will kill me for this, but I did not fry the Paneer first. I never do! I like to let it soak in the gravy - which doesn't seem to happen when I fry it first. Or am I doing something wrong?!
Well, that's it from me. I do hope you will try out this Tomato Paneer Masala. It tastes really good and its really quick and easy to prepare too!

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