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Not too long ago I had shared with you the Importance of a Healthy Breakfast and why you should never skip this most important meal of the day. 

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It's REALLY tough to come up with new and interesting, yet healthy and tasty breakfast ideas everyday. 

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From today you can stop stressing over what to feed your 

family for breakfast, because I have put together this list of 100 fabulous, easy and of course, healthy and tasty breakfast recipes for you to choose from! It also includes recipes that are great for kids, diabetics and even for those trying to loose weight! 

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Now, without any further ado, here's my list of 100 Healthy & Tasty Breakfast Recipes that I am sure you will love.

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  1. Let me begin with this 'droolicious' Crespéou/Provençal omelette cake by Azlin Bloor. Crespéou is essentially an omelette cake, packed with healthy veggies and slathered with a herby cheese mix - A fantastic breakfast to start the day with! This is something I have never seen or tried before and I can't wait to try it out.
  2. This Scrambled Eggs and Cheese recipe by Martha Stewart involves scrambling eggs in the microwave - a quick, easy and tasty breakfast recipe for those busy mornings. 
  3. Love your grilled cheese sandwiches? Here's a delicious yet healthy breakfast idea for you. Replace your regular grilled cheese sandwich with this Grilled Spinach-Cheese Sandwich, by Raks Anand. 
  4. Idli loving diabetics - rejoice! Dietitian and Nutritionist, Saritha Rajiv, shares this recipe for Moong idlis A healthy breakfast idea, perfectly suitable for all those you suffering from diabetes. 
  5. This Instant Onion-Rava Dosa by Padhu needs no prior planning and is a very crisp and tasty dosa. Serve it up with some chutney or sambhar for a delicious start to your busy morning. 
  6. This Palak Thalipeeth/Spinach Multigrain Pancake by Kumar Garikipati serves as a healthy breakfast for kids. It is a great way to get your little ones to eat their greens! Works well with fussy adults too
  7. For a healthy egg breakfast, try these Eggs-en-cocotte by Swathi Iyer. These baked eggs are delicious and easy to prepare and you can tweak the recipe to suit your palate/needs. 
  8. These bite sized Breakfast Burritos by superhealthykids are a fantastic way to get your kid to eat some breakfast. Sautéed peppers and cooked eggs are rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla which is then cut cross ways like sushi - an exciting and healthy breakfast for kids. 
  9. Turn that leftover chicken into a wholesome breakfast. Try this Panini with leftover chicken by Vicky Ratnani. It contains chicken bits, peppers, rocket leaves, an eggplant-tomato chutney and all things healthy. 
  10. How about a delicious, Greek-inspired, healthy egg breakfast? Natalia Alexander's Greek Eggs Benedict are a healthier version of the actual Eggs Benedict. 
  11. This Toad-n-the-hole by Kelly Smith, is a fun and healthy breakfast for kids. In addition, it is quick, easy and delicious too! Great for a busy morning with fussy kids! 
  12. Here's another fun breakfast for kids. These Eggs in sliced peppers are fast and easy to prepare and are healthy too. 
  13. For a quick, easy and healthy breakfast idea, try these Egg and cheese cups by nutritionist, Aylin. This recipe is similar to an omelette and combines eggs, onions, cheese, and tomato - but in the shape of a muffin. 
  14. This Moong Dal Sandwich by Priya, is a wholesome Indian breakfast which consists of a sandwich stuffed with a tasty boiled potato mix and topped with yellow moong dal. A delicious and health packed breakfast! 
  15. Ritu Ahuja's Plain bread Pakora is perfect for breakfast and also makes a wonderful tea-time snack. It is a bread fritter coated with gram flour mixture. It uses very few ingredients and can be prepared in a jiffy. 
  16. This Tangy Paneer/cottage cheese in a beetroot oats roti wrap, by Piyali is a fun and healthy breakfast idea for kids. Piyali, has given the conventional Kathi Roll a nice twist and turned it into a wonderfully healthy and kid-friendly dish! 
  17. Soma's Dalia Upma with vegetables is a popular and healthy breakfast among Indians. Dalia (broken wheat) has high nutritional value and is rich in fiber too. In addition, it is also quick and easy to prepare. 
  18. This delicious Black Eyed Bean Kebabs With Mint Yogurt Dip, created by Anu Nagaraja, is a protein-rich, low-carb, fiber-rich version of kebabs for diabetics. These kebabs have added vegetables, herbs and spices which aid in balancing carb load. 
  19. For a sweet start to a busy day, try these delightful Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones by Savita Verma . The best thing about these scones are that they are super quick and easy to prepare. 
  20. If you are looking for some healthy, yet tasty breakfast recipes with eggs, try Maria Nasir's Sweet Potato Frittata Muffins. This recipe combines the goodness of eggs with the nutritional benefits of sweet potato making it a wholesome breakfast, packed with protein, vitamin, fiber and beta-carotene. 
  21. If, like me, you are bored of that same old oats porridge, here's a tastier option by Shubha. Masala Oats is a simple and healthy breakfast recipe containing lots of veggies and packed with flavour. 
  22. For quick and healthy idlis, try Jayashree Trao's Semolina Idli. This idli is prepared using rava (semolina) and contains grated carrots, making it an ideal candidate for a quick and healthy breakfast. 
  23. For a quick breakfast recipe, try these Semolina Masala Toast by Priya Ranjit. They are simple and quick to make and can be had for breakfast or as an evening snack too. 
  24. For a mouth-watering start to your day, try Peri Avari's Chicken kathi roll with pickled red-onion relish. If your mornings are as hurried as mine, you can prepare some of the elements ahead so as to save time in the morning. 
  25. Onion Medu Vada is a traditional South Indian breakfast that tastes wonderful with sambar and chutney. Check out this recipe by Mullai Madhavan if you'd fancy these delightful, savoury Indian "doughnuts". 
  26. Kandha Poha, is a popular and simple Maharashtrian breakfast dish. Try out this simple, easy and quick to prepare recipe by Jeena Suraj for a sumptous, tasty and healthy breakfast. 
  27. Trick your kids into eating a healthy breakfast with this Vegetable Uthappam by Padma Veranki. For an even healthier version of this Uthppam, she suggests using Ragi or whole finger millets as a substitute for the rice used in the batter. That's one health packed breakfast! 
  28. These Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Crumble Bars by Anupama Paliwal combine the goodness of oats with the fresh, deliciousness of blueberries. They consist of a soft, delicious blueberry filling sandwiched between crisp layers of crumble made from oatmeal, flour, cinnamon and brown sugar. 
  29. In addition to providing you with a healthy breakfast idea, Gauri Kulkarni ensures that you will never waste any portion of those healthy green leafy vegetables. Check out her unique Paratha Rolls
  30. Start your day by tantalizing your tastebuds with this delicious Cake, Fruit and Yoghurt Parfait, by Nora M. It is quick and easy to make, requires very few ingredients and needs no baking! 
  31. For a delicious light breakfast, try these French crepes by Sally. You can have them with honey or warm chocolate sauce, or even with lemon juice and caster sugar. 
  32. Make your grilled cheese toast healthier and tastier, with this simple recipe by Swayampurna Mishra. This quick and easy Grilled Cheese Toast is also a great way to get your kids to enjoy their veggies. 
  33. This Onion Pancakes Recipe by Susan Chan is very simple and can be prepared quickly too. The recipe converts a few, simple ingredients into a delicious breakfast. Personally, I would love to have them with some nice coconut chutney. 
  34. If you love pasta, check out Mrs. Homemaker's Mediterranean Penne Pasta. The addition of vegetables and kidney beans provides fiber and nutrition making this a tasty and healthy breakfast foe kids and adults alike. 
  35. This Veg toast Sandwich by Anitha Gowda is yet another healthy breakfast for kids. This is a quick recipe that contains a healthy dose of carrots cooked with potatoes making it a filling, healthy breakfast. 
  36. These Veggie quiche cups by Tracey are a perfect low-carb breakfast idea. Also, you can make them ahead and freeze and just reheat them when you need. The addition of a flavourful mix of healthy veggies makes it a deliciously healthy breakfast. 
  37. Faith's Breakfast tostada with spinach and hummus is a complete dish, high in protein and a great way of adding some extra greens to your diet. Served with a piece of fruit, it makes for a well-balanced, healthy breakfast idea. 
  38. Nilofar Iyer's delightful Double Baked Potato with Broccoli Cups are sure to be popular with young kids. In addition, it is a great way to get fussy kids to enjoy their veggies - nicely hidden inside some tasty mashed potato and cheese. 
  39. Looking to start your day with a no-egg breakfast? Try these tasty Sprouted Mung Pancakes by Balvinder Ubi. These pancakes are sumptous, easy to digest and a great source of protien. 
  40. These Banana Oat Muffins by Manali are loaded with fiber and are a delicious breakfast option. Just make them ahead and you have a nice, healthy breakfast waiting for you in the morning! 
  41. Chilli Cheese Toast by Kanak is a very quick and easy to prepare breakfast. Slices of bread loaded with cheese, spice, herbs and some nice healthy veggies are baked in the oven. When ready they are cut into thin finger-like strips, sure to be popular with the kids! 
  42. Although a fasting dish, this Sabudana Potato Khichdi by VidyaLakshmi Chandrahas is a filling and delicious breakfast. 
  43. This Herby Potato Rosti by Sandhya Hariharan is a quick delicious recipe, that is sure to be a hit with kids as well as adults. Serve it with some chutney of your choice and enjoy! 
  44. Sailaja Gudivada's Savory Muffins are among the most simple, fast and tasty breakfast recipes for kids. You can even throw in some healthy veggies for a health packed breakfast. 
  45. These Oats, Banana and Blueberry Pancakes by Saumya make for a nice fruity and delicious breakfast. Also, the addition of oats provides useful dietary fiber making this a perfect and healthy breakfast idea. 
  46. Spice up your mornings with this mouth-watering Paneer Tikka Pizza by Kiran, with her twist on a healthier version of sauce - spiced yogurt sauce. Prepare the dough and marinate the paneer tikka the previous night and enjoy a deliciously chewy and crunchy breakfast. 
  47. For a deliciously sumptuous breakfast, try Antonet Roajer's South-Indian Potato Masala. This is a simple gravied potato dish that tastes great with puris or rotis. 
  48. Lajjue Jariwala combines the goodness of peppers (green, yellow and red), mushrooms and paneer in this grilled Paneer Bhurji Sandwich. Combine it with her Tropical Turmeric Smoothie for a real health packed breakfast. 
  49. For a different breakfast recipe with eggs, try this Tuscan Style Baked Eggs, by Richard Blaine. It is an easy to make egg dish that can be served as breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner. 
  50. Breathe life into leftover parathas with this creative and tasty breakfast recipe by Anu Yalo - Chilli Parotta. This innovative dish is filling and delicious and is a great way to start your day. 
  51. Misal Pav by is a very popular breakfast dish in Maharashtra. It consists of Usal (A Maharastrian dish made of beans) topped with farsan and chopped onions and served with hot breas(pav). In this version, Gloria Fernandes makes the usal of mixed sprouts and without using coconut - a filling and healthy breakfast idea indeed! 
  52. This Adai by Nithya is a protein packed and healthy breakfasta idea. It is a crepe made of lentils and rice. It tastes great served hot. You can even add shallots, cabbage, chopped capsicum to the batter to make them healthier and tastier. 
  53. These Avocado Breakfast Sliders by Minnie are easy to make and fun to eat too! In addition, you can store the avocado mixture in the fridge for upto three days, making this a quick to prepare and a healthy breakfast idea. 
  54. Arpita's Lemon Vermicelli Upma is another quick to prepare dish for breakfast. It needs only a few minutes to cook and is sure to be popular with the kids. 
  55. Here is another fun, tasty and healthy breakfast recipe for kids. These cute heart-shape Breakfast hand-pies with mildly sweet paneer filling by Purabhi Naha are totally vegetarian and consist of a flaky crust with a creamy, fruity and nutty filling. They can even be prepared ahead, refrigerated and re-heated when needed. 
  56. For a wonderfully healthy breakfast recipe with eggs, try this Spinach and Cheese Fritatta by Tom and Anita Morgan. This delicious fritatta made using spinach, sauteed green onions, red jalepeno and Roquefort cheese. Additionally, it is quick and easy to make. 
  57. Thin yet dense, these Dutch Pancakes by Joy are a cross between a French crepe and an American Pancake. They are a great dish for breakfast and you can have a variety of sweet or savoury options. 
  58. This Make-Ahead Savory Bread Pudding Breakfast by Linda Nortje's uses Pork sausage meat. This is a delicious savoury bread pudding with crusty sides and crusty spots on top, but soft, meaty and cheesy inside. 
  59. For an Indian twist on Gozleme, try Uma Raghuraman's Beet Potato Gozleme recipe. It is made using whole wheat tortillas (chappathi) and a cheesy stuffing made of healthy beets and potatoes. You can even experiment with different stuffings. 
  60. Start your mornings with these wonderful Gingerbread Pancakes by Rachel. They are light fluffy with the authentic flavor of gingerbread. 
  61. This Breakfast Burrito by Kitchen Getaway is a delicious breakfast idea. It is prepared using béchamel sauce and garnished with salsa or fresh tomato and cilantro. 
  62. This Chicken Sandwich recipe by Geeta is easy to make and kid friendly too. It is prepared using bread and grilled/boiled chicken. In addition, it contains a generous amount of spinach, making it healthy breakfast for kids. 
  63. For a quick, egg breakfast try this Masala Omelette recipe by Beulah Arun. It is indeed one of the simplest recipes ever. Combine it with some bread and enjoy a delicious, flavorful, spicy breakfast! 
  64. Eliza Lincy's Vegetable Egg Dosa is a tasty and healthy breakfast for kids, providing them with carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other nutrients all in one dish. It is quick and easy to make and can be served either plain or with some chutney/sambar. 
  65. These Dal Paratha/Lentil Tortillas by Amita Chauhan are a great breakfast idea for kids and healthy too. This Paratha , stuffed with a spicy moong dal filling, goes well with potato cury and raita. 
  66. For a satisfying and healthy breakfast idea, check out this Broccoli and Cheese Frittata by Lyubomira. It is very tasty and easy to make and combines the goodness of proteins in eggs with the fiber and antioxidants in broccoli. This fritatta is a great option if you are looking for healthy and tasty breakfast recipes with eggs. 
  67. Surprise your kids with this fun April Fool's Day Baked Eggs Breakfast recipe by Joanne Ferguson. Be sure to capture their expressions when they peel the eggs and find those lovely little cakes inside! 
  68. For a breakfast that's delicious and kid friendly too, you could give Karly's Salsa Egg Bites a shot. They contain a decent amount of salsa and a small amout of shredded potatoes and cheese. A delightful start to any morning! 
  69. Here's another satisfying and tasty breakfast recipe - Mixed Veg Parathas by Nupur. These parathas are rich in carbohydrates and contain healthy, nutritious vegetables too, making them an ideal option for breakfast. 
  70. Ragi idli by Kushi incorporates the several health benefits of ragi in idlis. These idlis are very nutritious and soft and are a healthy breakfast option for for kids and adults alike. Serve it with any chutney of your choice and enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast. 
  71. Want to try preparing your own healthy muesli for breakfast? Try this Orange Muesli Crunch by Sarah. It contains just a hint of orange, enough to add a scrumptious additional layer to the muesli. Enjoy this nutty breakfast on its own or with some healthy, fermented foods suggested by Sarah. 
  72. Subhadip Dhali shatters the idea that Rajma beans can be eaten only curried, with his interesting Rajma (Red Kidney bean) Pancakes. These crispy pancakes served with Tzatziki, tomato and green chilli, make for an innovative and healthy breakfast. 
  73. Wagmee Soni's Vegetable Open Hot Dog Buns is yet another healthy breakfast recipe for kids. These open buns are loaded with fiber and are rich in proteins and vitamins. In addition, they are made using low-fat butter and whole wheat buns, making it a healthy breakfast for weight loss too. 
  74. Whether or not you love Nutella, you will adore these Nutella Pancake Kababs by Rupal Patel. Using just a few ingredients, this quick recipe is a great idea for kids who don't like to eat fruits. A great and innovative breakfast idea indeed! 
  75. For a sweet, delicious and satisfying breakfast, try this Doodh Pak (Rice Pudding) and Poori by Lincy Patel. This dish is made with rice and milk and any nuts of your choice. It can be had plain or along with some hot puris. 
  76. Aloo(Potato) Puri by Kanan, is a Punjabi breakfast recipe. Spicy potato gravy is served with Puri (Puffed, deep fried Indian bread). You could even replace the Puri with roti or any other bread of your choice. 
  77. Make moist and fluffy scrambled eggs with Neha Mathur's Perfect Scrambled Eggs recipe. These scrambled eggs topped with tomato sauce and spring onion greens are quick and simple to make and deliciously soft and moist. 
  78. Meeta's Millet Vegetable Cakes are an innovative, healthy and versatile dish that can be served for breakfast along with omelettes or scrambled eggs. 
  79. Shobha's Bread Egg Pancakes are easy and quick to prepare. This recipe uses very few ingredients and is a innovative and tasty breakfast idea. 
  80. These Pizza Bread Discs by Sonal Gupta are a delicious way to get your kids to eat some healthy veggies. These gorgeous, crunchy and scrumptious Pizza Bread Discs are a super breakfast idea for kids. 
  81. Mixed Vegetable Dosa by Gayathri Ramanan is a slight variation of regular dosa, in which she has added some vegetables to make the dosa healthier and colorful. This dosa is very easy to make and is a very filling breakfast that kids are sure to love. 
  82. Get your kids to eat a healthy breakfast with this interesting Moong Dal, Oats and Paneer Pancakes by Shikha Gupta. These pancakes are packed with the goodness of Oats and protein rich Paneer. 
  83. Carrot Capsicum Paratha by Subhashni Venkatesh is a sumptuous and healthy breakfast idea. This Paratha is a nutritious whole wheat Paratha stuffed with a tasty blend of carrot, capsicum, onions and spices. 
  84. Derek takes the humble scrambled eggs to a whole new level with this fantastic Fennel Scramble. This dish contains loads of healthy veggies, making it a nutrition packed breakfast to kick start your mornings with. 
  85. These Veggie Egg Cups by Jenny Melrose are the perfect start to a busy morning. This recipe combines the nutritional value of egg and vegetables providing you the right nutrition to start off your day. In addition, they are ideal to make ahead and just warm up in the morning. 
  86. Meera Girdhar has put an interesting spin on flattened rice to come up with these fabulous Poha Cutlets. This is indeed an interesting and nutritious breakfast recipe. 
  87. Get your child to enjoy veggies with this Vermicelli Upma by Alkajena. The addition of veggies to this upma makes it a sumptuous, wholesome and healthy breakfast idea. 
  88. These Arabic Spinach Pastries by Farida are soft, fluffy, flavourful and packed with nutrition. These pastries are an interesting and healthy breakfast idea. They are easy to make and can be prepared ahead and reheated when needed 
  89. Kalyani's colourful and appealing Fruity Parfait, in addition to being healthy, is Calcium rich and an energy booster too. This recipe uses fruits with hung curds and some cornflakes to give it a crunchy texture. It is a breakfast that kids are sure to love. 
  90. This creative Bread and Egg Masala by Nisa Homey is a quick and easy to make, 5 minute breakfast. It uses very little oil and contains added vegetables for added taste and nutrition. 
  91. Sausage Eggs Hash Breakfast Casserole by Sharon Lam is an easy casserole dish requiring very simple prep work. It can be prepared the night before and kept in the fridge until ready to bake. It is a great breakfast recipe for busy or even festive mornings. 
  92. Open-face Avocado Tomato Sandwich by Best Food Ever is a great recipe idea, if you are looking for a filling and healthy breakfast sandwich. It consists of toasted bread, topped with avocado mash, tomato and melted cheese. Just delicious! 
  93. Suki's Mumbai-style Egg bhurji a spicy dish loaded with veggies. It is perfect for a healthy breakfast and can be had with rotis or any other bread. It is made using onions, green chillies, tomatoes and colourful peppers (red and green) that make it look more appealing. 
  94. Broken-wheat Upma by Rani Sundari is a healthy breakfast recipe for weight loss. This healthy, filling breakfast can be made in a jiffy . It is a filling breakfast and is rich in fiber too, making it a great option for those who are on diet. 
  95. Here's another healthy and tasty breakfast recipe with eggs, for you. This Italian Baked Eggs by ChungAh is a complete breakfast that can be whipped up in just 10 minutes. That's a quick, healthy breakfast and tasty too! 
  96. Sprouts Patty/Cutlet by Sathya are nutritious, delicious and they store well too. So, you can make them ahead, store in the refrigerator and reheat when needed. These patties are rich in fiber, iron and vitamins and are a healthy breakfast idea for kids too. 
  97. Rice Cantaloupe Yogurt Breakfast Bowl is a fun, innovative breakfast idea by Helene D'souza. This is a great idea to use up leftover rice and turn it into a deliciously healthy breakfast. In addition, you can mix it up the previous night itself, so you have a nice sumptuous breakfast waiting for you when wake up. 
  98. Try these spicy Minced Lamb Cheese Rolls by Shoshanna Lee for a scrumptious and filling breakfast. For veg options, you could replace the lamb mince with cottage cheese or sweet potatoes. 
  99. For a filling and satisfying breakfast, try Stella San's Fried Vermicelli with shallots and Vegetable Spring Rolls. Fried Vermicelli is a tasty dish that requires just 3 ingredients to prepare and the vegetable spring rolls help spice it up a little. 
  100. Somaya Reece's Salsa Roja and Spinach Omelette is a tasty and a super fast meal to make on the go! It is a great low low calorie and healthy breakfast recipe for weight loss. 


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