100 Food Bloggers To Follow on Google Plus - Part 2

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Here are the remaining 50 of the 100 Food bloggers that I had promised you.

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  1.  Alkajena: shares Odia, as well as other regional cuisine that she adopts in her kitchen everyday. Her recipes are basic and easy to cook and make use of easily available ingredients and gadgets. She shares simple everyday meals, menus for casual entertaining, attempts to replicate restaurant dishes, baking experiments and tastes of cuisines around the world.
  2. Linda Fernandes: This Food blogger from Goa-India, shares a delectable variety of Indian as well as international dishes that she cooks at home for her family. Her recipes include veg as well as non-veg items. 
  3. Veg Indian Cooking: shares a wide variety of mouthwatering Indian vegetarian dishes that are sure to make you drool. Her recipes are Healthy, Innovative and nutritious. They are well presented and easy to follow. 
  4. Sono Marcela: is a Polish food blogger who shares tantalizing recipes of cuisine from around the world. Her dishes are rare, innovative and look gorgeous! Her desserts/sweets are just amazing! 
  5. Jenny Melrose: is actually a lifestyle blogger. But, I cannot possibly exclude Jenny from this list, because the dishes she puts up are just so wonderful! Her recipes are accompanied by some gorgeous clicks that are sure to kick in a craving!! 
  6. Katie Goodman: is another lifestyle blogger and a foodie at heart. She shares several exotic looking meals and also some very useful kitchen tips. 
  7. Richa Gupta: is a self taught cook, baker and food photographer. She shares a wide range of Indian and International cuisine - both veg and non-veg. Her recipes are innovative and healthy too. 
  8. Meera Girdhar: shares delicious regional Indian and International snacks, salads, drinks and desserts. Her recipes are simple and easy to follow and pictorially illustrated. 
  9. Dassana Amit: This husband-wife team share some truly amazing vegetarian vegan recipes. They mostly share Indian cuisine, but some world cuisine as well. Most of their recipes are in a step by step pictorial format that are easy to understand. 
  10. Gloria Fernandes: is a foodie from Mumbai who loves eating and trying new recipes from different cuisines by adding my own twist to it. She share recipes from East Indian Catholic Cuisine and many other recipes. 
  11. Veena Theagarajan: shares a variety of Indian and International dishes. She also shares recipes that are healthy and kid friendly. She even has some Bachelor friendly cooking recipes, Festival and Special Diet recipes. She shares some simple and interesting health tips too. 
  12. Nutrizonia: is a Nutritionist and shares some delicious recipes - Arabic as well as from around the world. Her recipes are simple, delicious and are packed with useful information on nutrition. I love her Food Philosophy!
  13. Nupur Mehra (The Veggie Indian): shares fantastic, wholesome Vegetarian and Vegan recipes from India and around the world. She shares recipes, tips and tricks that will help you eat incredible, healthy food everyday using the simplest ingredients. 
  14. Kalyani MomChef: This food blogger and health enthusiast shares many delicious and healthy recipes - Indian as well as International. I specially love her baked stuff! 
  15. Jolly Homemade Recipes: shares a delightful variety of dishes that she cooks at home for her family and friends. Her recipes are mainly Indian, but she shares some International dishes too. 
  16. Deepti Gupta: Cooking comes as naturally as eating to this cookaholic! Deepti shares innovative, fun recipes from India and around the world. Her kid-friendly recipes are sure to be a hit with little ones and adults alike! 
  17. Nurunnahar Amily: shares delicious recipes from around the world. Her recipes are mouth-watering, simple and easy to prepar. 
  18. Sunita Mallick: makes even the simplest dishes look irresistible! In addition to Indian food recipes she also shares some useful cooking tips. She shares Veg as well as Non-veg recipes. 
  19. Tastes of Health: shares recipes for very healthy food, healthier versions of favourites as well as for truly scrumptious courses. Apart from recipes she also shares interesting information and useful tips on why and how to be fit, healthier and happier too! 
  20. Rupal Patel: is a vegetarian food blogger. She shares several traditional ,fusion, Indian and many more cuisines recipes with style and a lush of taste. 
  21. Natasha R: is an Aussie food blogger who shares delicious recipes that are sure to leave you drooling. She even shares the recipes for some commonly used spice mixes. 
  22. Sandhya Hariharan: is a vegetarian food blogger who hares interesting and easy recipes. Her shares encompass world cooking, baking, food photography, cultures and cuisines. 
  23. Delight Foodkichen: is a self-taught cook and baker who shares some really appetizing recipes. Just looking at the pictures is sure to get you drooling. In addition, she also shares healthy, low calorie recipes. 
  24. Dipti Joshi (Dipsdiner): shares great and healthy recipes that you can prepare easily and at any time. Her recipes include Indian as well as International cuisine. 
  25. Sathya- MyKitchenodyssey: cooks gorgeous treats right form scratch, barring a few exceptions. Her recipes include Indian and world cuisine - both veg and non-veg. She also shares several kid friendly recipes and bachelor recipes too. 
  26. The Yummy Lounge: True to its name, The Yummy Lounge shares several yummy treats that you are sure to enjoy. The recipes are simple and easy to follow too. 
  27. World Food Blogs: In addition to a array of tantalizing recipes from India and around the world, this blogger shares many interesting food related articles which are very interesting and informative too. 
  28. Indrani Sen: shares mouth-watering recipes that are easy and less time consuming - perfect for working women and busy mothers, as well as for husbands and teenagers who love to cook and eat!! 
  29. Swathi Iyer: shares tasty recipes from all over the world. Wherever possible, she attempts to lend an Indian touch to world cuisine and has a weakness for freshly bakes bread. Her recipes - especially the baked stuff - are amazing. 
  30. Taste Defined: regularly comes up with recipes and cuisines from around the world. In addition, they share various tips to make your kitchen - a much better place! 
  31. Beena stephen: This multi-talented food blogger shares the most amazing Indian recipes - veg as well as non-veg. Her recipes are simple and easy to follow. 
  32. Yana Poghosyan: shares a wonderful range of recipes which are the result of her improvisation in the kitchen. Her recipes are different, and well explained using beautiful clicks. 
  33. Judit Corina (GlamorousBite) This mother-daughter duo share a variety of California Fusion with European traditions and are dedicated to eating healthy. Their recipes are easy to follow, comforting and, very often, contain a splash of wine! 
  34. Stella San: shares the healthy, delicious and pleasant looking dishes she cooks for her family for her family. Her dishes are appetizing, flavourful and look really great. 
  35. EatAndBeMerry ForTomorrowWeDiet: are food bloggers of a different kind! They are a group of friends from Melbourne who love eating out. They do not share recipes, but several informative reviews of restaurants and cafes - we're foodies with an appetite! A wonderful resource for our Australian friends. Let's hope their healthy appetite makes them go International someday! :) 
  36. Meal Planning Maven: is all about Affordable Personalized Meal Planning, Food Coaching and Healthy Recipes. Linda Shapiro shares fun and exciting meal ideas, special occasion and daily menus plus some favorite healthy recipes. She also shares smart-eating strategies, tips for stocking a healthy kitchen and MORE! 
  37. Linda Nortje : shares the most appetizing recipes from around the world - some her own, others tried/tested from various sources and adapted to the taste of her family. 
  38. Kim Watkinson: Her mission is to make your heart smile. This she achieves through her blog, a sweet shop and fabulous recipes. This ninja baker shares some delightful Asian fusion cuisine, gluten-free goodies and American classics. Her baked recipes are a must-try for baking aspirants. 
  39. Shweta Arora (ShwetaintheKitchen): shares delicious homemade recipes from various cuisines. Her recipes ar e veg as well non-veg and are very appetizing. 
  40. Mytartare.com: This unique duo make contemporary dishes, fusing together different cuisines and putting new spins on classics - don't expect too many desserts though! Their step-by-step recipes may sometimes require a lot of prep and may seem overwhelming, but its all worth it in the end! 
  41. Amila Wickramarachchi: brings to you the delights of Sri Lanka. She shares Sri Lankan Food Recipes as well as other recipes tried and tested by her. 
  42. Hamaree Rasoi: mostly shares Indian food. But, she does throw in a bit of other cuisine and baking too. She mostly does vegetarian food, but you will find a bit of non-vegetarian too. 
  43. Joy Bee: shares several wonderful recipe ideas for dinner, as well as for sides, appetizers, breads and desserts. Her dishes look amazing and are just drool worthy! 
  44. Nums The Word: share dishes that have passed the strict palates of their kids - that's good stuff guaranteed! They share a variety of cuisines, some easy to cook recipes and some really appetizing and great-looking stuff. 
  45. Simples Recipes: shares a variety of simple, yet delicious recipes. Some of these include quick and easy, bachelor friendly recipes too. 
  46. Kanan Patel: believes in having fun with food. She mostly shares Indian recipes and some other recipes with an Indian touch. 
  47. Divya Prakash: shares recipes that she has tried and tested in her own kitchen. Her recipes include veg as well as non-veg items and her baked items are just divine! 
  48. Nandoos Kitchen: shares a wide range of tasty, flavourful Indian veg recipes. She also has a wonderful range of recipes from Kerala. 
  49. Mandy Chew: For the most amazing cakes and bakes, you simply HAVE to check out Mandy Chew! This self taught baker shares the most gorgeous looking Cakes, Breads and Desserts... honestly; really AMAZING!! 
  50. Erica Schwarz (Erica's Recipes): shares yummy dishes - sometimes healthy, sometimes splurging! In addition, many of her recipes are quick and easy to prepare. 
Well, that's it for my list of food bloggers to follow on Google Plus. I hope you will find it useful. 

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