100 Food Bloggers To Follow on Google Plus! - Part 1

What is the one task that most homemakers struggle with, yet enjoy the most

That's right - cooking!

I love cooking and trying out new recipes. But, I often struggle with variety. 

Do you too need to add some variety to your food? 

Would you love to try out new, healthy, exotic and mouth-watering recipes? And quick, simple and easy of course? 

Then, you will love this list!

Here is a list of food bloggers on Google+ (In no particular order) that you just must check out.  I enjoy the various delectable recipes they dish out and am sure you will too.

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  1. Savita Chefdehome: Savita not only shares some some mouth-watering treats, but also some fantastic tutorials of great use to any food blogger. Join Savita as she helps you cook Gourmet food right at home.      
  2. Piyali Sekhar Mutha: Piyali's fantabulous recipes bring with them her straight-from-the heart narratives which make for a good and informative read. She shares tralatitious recipes, regional fare and her first hand experience of restaurants she has dined in.    
  3. Maria Nasir: helps you create magic in your kitchen using simple everyday ingredients and easy to follow instructions. Her visual treats are sure to leave you drooling for more.         
  4. Ritu Ahuja: shares some really scrumptious Indian recipes. Her mouth-watering recipes are well presented, easy to follow and quick and easy to prepare. 
  5. Anu Nagaraja: brings you the best of modern Indian vegetarian food at her blog. Besides being simple and easy to follow, her recipes are almost always health packed - a clear indication of the doctor in her.
  6. Soma Saha Ray: is a modest home chef who puts up many a mouth-watering treat. Follow her and enjoy the wonderful array of Asian cuisine that she puts up. 
  7. My ginger garlic kitchen: is owned by Anupama Paliwal, who shares her fabulous recipes, food styling tips and how to's. Follow her for delectable Indian recipes that you will surely love. 
  8. Peri Avari: This superb Parsi masterchef experiments with the versatility of Indian flavours to create dishes with a more global appeal and the results are just amazing. 
  9. Priya Ranjit: is a must-follow for new cooks. Her recipes are simple and easy to follow and cover a wide range. I especially love her baking section and the "chef's wisdom" that she shares at the end of every recipe! 
  10. Meri Rasoi: aka Shubha's recipe collection is simply amazing. Her recipes are well presented, superbly illustrated and easy to follow.                                                           Tweet: I have just been featured under 100 Food Bloggers to follow on Google+ !!  http://ctt.ec/yzFEu+
  11. Jayashree Trao: blogs about the dishes she has learnt from many sources, while adding her own touches to them and daring to create some of her own. The result is a wonderful collection of traditional Indian recipes.
  12. Padma Veranki: This Indian chef, brings to you a delightful array of Indian dishes, all the way from Germany. Follow her for some glorious and delightful Indian recipes.

  13. spice India Online: by Mullai Madavan, has a wonderful collection of Indian recipes. Her recipes are innovative and easy to follow and cover a wide range. 
  14. Jeena Suraj: posts simple basic vegetarian recipes. What I love about her recipes is how simple, yet well-presented they are. If you are searching for some simple traditional vegetarian recipes, Jeena's might just fit the bill. 
  15. Gauri Kulkarni: Her recipes include vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian fare. Besides the fact that I love how simple her recipes are, I also enjoy the story that comes with them! I especially love her chutneys and pickles. 
  16. Framed recipes: In addition to her own collection of tried and tested family recipes, Sreelatha also re-shares a lot of useful articles and fabulous recipes by fellow-bloggers. Hence, you can be sure to find the best recipes by several food bloggers on Google+ here. 
  17. Marudhus Kitchen: Vani shares her family recipes from her blog. Right from simple drinks and milkshakes to exotic recipes, she has a fantastic recipe collection, many of which are innovative too. 
  18. Waagmi Soni: really makes cooking fun, with her tantalizing dishes. Her recipes make even the most exotic sounding dishes seem so easy to prepare! 
  19. NoraM: is a must-follow for cakes, bakes and desserts. What's more is that she shows you how to turn a regular recipe into a healthy with making slight changes and still retaining the original taste! 
  20. Swayampurna Mishra, among others, offers several visual treats that will leave you drooling. She cooks from the heart and it shows on her blog!                                                      Tweet: I have just been featured under 100 Food Bloggers to follow on Google+ !!  http://ctt.ec/yzFEu+
  21. Susan Chan: is another fantastic cook who shares several simple, Indian treats. Her recipes are simple, well-presented and nicely-illustrated. 
  22. Cook with sally: This UK based chef shares a spectacular range of dishes from all over. Personally, I love her Gateau Lawrence! 
  23. Kushi S: Indian, Konkani, Thai - she shares food from different cuisines in her happy kitchen!! 
  24. Madhavi Cyber Kitchen: Her baking skills are just amazing. Baking is her passion and she is a self-taught baker. Follow her for amazing baked treats. Personally, I just love the various breads she bakes! 
  25. Azlin Bloor: is a private chef catering to the high end market. She has to her credit a recipe ebook (Amazon No.1 bestseller) and you can follow her on Google plus where she also runs weekly live cooking shows via Google hangouts. 
  26. Kanak Kathuria: This masterchef participant, shares videos of her youtube cooking show "Kanak's Kitchen". If you enjoyed watching her cook on Masterchef India - Season 1, here's where you can get more of her! 
  27. Farin Ahmed: Originally from Chennai and now settled in the UK, Farin shares many South Indian dishes as well as some other cuisines. 
  28. Anitha Gowda: She may not post too often, but when she does, she presents to you some really droolicious dishes that keep you coming back for more! Moreover, I like how her recipes are so straight-forward, simple and well detailed. 
  29. Balvinder Ubi: shares tried and tested gluten free recipes that she has either created or adapted from other sources. If you are looking for gluten free cooking, you really must follow Balvinder. 
  30. Cook with Manali: shares simple and easy to make recipes covering a wide range. But, her baked goods are to die-for! Just one look at the amazing stuff she shares will leave you drooling.                                                                                                                                   Tweet: I have just been featured under 100 Food Bloggers to follow on Google+ !!  http://ctt.ec/yzFEu+
  31. Helene Dsouza: is an Austrian/French emigrant who currently lives in Goa, India. She shares a variety of recipes that have been newly developed and created, in addition to those that belonged to the family. 
  32. Nilofar Iyer: shares the best vegetarian recipes, that have the potential to turn anyone into a vegetarian. If you are looking for some spectacular vegetarian dishes, you just must check out Nilofar. 
  33. Afternoon baking with grandma: is where you will find the best from the baking world. If you love baking, you will surely enjoy afternoon baking with Grandma. 
  34. Richard Blaine: shares videos of some fantastic dishes from around the world. But, Asian and Italian cuisine are his specialties. 
  35. Home maker: shares a wide variety of delicious looking Indian dishes, in addition to articles on health, beauty and home-making. 
  36. Darshana Shah: shares a wide variety of Indian cuisine that you will surely enjoy. She is also the moderator of the Indian Recipes community where you can find some fabulous Indian recipes. 
  37. Antonet Roajer: shares quick and simple recipes for busy people. Follow her, for a delectable range of Indian food, sometimes with a western twist. 
  38. Premalatha Aravindha: She is from Tamil-Nadu, India, residing in Singapore and shares some delicious traditional Tamil recipes that are well presented and appropriately illustrated. 
  39. Sailaja Gudivada (Sailu): shares Indian food recipes with a focus on Andhra food. She mostly shares vegetarian dishes, but you will also find some non-vegetarian food, recipes for kids, snacks and bakes. 
  40. Bhawya Sankar: shares a variety of tried and tested veg and non-veg Indian dishes. Her recipes include an exciting range of mouth-watering cakes, bakes and sweets as well.                                                                                                                                        Tweet: I have just been featured under 100 Food Bloggers to follow on Google+ !!  http://ctt.ec/yzFEu+
  41. Karen Ahmed: shares youtube videos featuring a plethora of exciting recipes from around the world that are fun and easy to make. She is a home cook and also the winner of Come Dine With Me Canada Season 1, finalist on Recipe to Riches and Canada's Best Home Cook on Pressure Cooker. 
  42. Saanvi sai: Veg or non-veg, breakfast or desserts - she shares mouth-watering Italian, Asian and American cuisine. 
  43. Abhipsa S: shares some simple Indian recipes - veg as well as non-veg. Her visually appealing dishes are simple and easy to prepare. 
  44. Lajjue Jariwala: She hails from a Gujarati family, but was born and brought up in Canada. But her love for Indian food is evident from the lovely Indian delicacies she puts up. What I love, are the colourful range of health packed smoothies she comes up with! 
  45. Gayathri Kumar: shares a variety of exotic eggless bakes and vegetarian recipes from all over the world. Her baked delicacies are truly just amazing and she is the Queen of eggless baking. 
  46. Saumya SC: is a self-proclaimed foodie who is very passionate about cooking and baking. In addition to some lovely cooking recipes, she also shares her travel adventures, lifestyle and food stories. Her recipes include Indian as well as international cuisine. 
  47. Srividhya Manikandan (Daffodilshree): Originally from Tamil Nadu and now settled in the USA, she shares - along with her many vegetarian recipes - her kitchen disasters and some product reviews too. Her recipes include Indian as well as some international cuisine. 
  48. Anu Yalo: puts up some really appetizing and innovative dishes from around the world. Her recipes include veg as well as non-veg fare. 
  49. Amita Chauhan: shares her love for creative cooking with her delightful recipe collection which mainly consists of Indian dishes. Personally, I like her deserts - truly creative and very tempting! And yes - her section on Festivals has some popular items that you will surely enjoy. 
  50. VidyaLakshmi Chandrahas: is a certified nutritionist and dietitian who shares some simple, healthy and tasty recipes ( both veg and non-veg ). She shares Indian recipes for all meals and festival specials too. NOTE: Her pickle recipes are to die for!                       Tweet: I have just been featured under 100 Food Bloggers to follow on Google+ !!  http://ctt.ec/yzFEu+
UPDATE: Here is Part 2 of 100 Food Bloggers To Follow on Google Plus, with the remainder 50 food bloggers.

Well, this is my list of food bloggers to follow on Google Plus. I hope you will enjoy following them as much as I do. 

Ok, Ok... I know what you are thinking! - Didn't you say 100? Where are the rest? 

Well, I'll be honest with you - I am still in the process of finding more food bloggers on Google+ and besides, the post is already a bit too lengthy. 

I don't know about you, but I hate lengthy posts! But, I committed to 100 - Now what?

I will soon do another post with the remaining 50. That way, I can even look into any suggestion/recommendations you may have to offer. :)

Now, it's your turn...

Do you have anyone you'd like to see on the list? Let me know in the comments and maybe I can add them in the second part of this post :)

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