Lose Weight Forever With These 14 Easily Implementable Tips

Are you trying to lose weight? 

Aren't you fed up of diets and rigorous workouts that just don’t work? 

Weight loss can be quite a struggle. 

I know.

And what's even worse is that a majority of people that lose weight just gain it right back. 

But, what if you could lose weight forever? That too naturally - without the help of any supplements or magic pills or potions!

Yes. You can throw away those weight loss pills and that horrible stomach belt to lose weight!

Today I share with you some practical and easily implementable ideas that can make weight loss a natural part of your life

Sounds great doesn’t it?

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Before we get started, you have to acknowledge that permanent weight loss is a slow process. It involves making changes to your current lifestyle and changing your lifestyle is definitely not going to happen overnight.

NOTE: If you have any kind of medical condition, you must be closely monitored while trying to lose weight. 

Permanent weight loss involves 2 things:
  • Losing those extra kilos
  • Keeping them off forever
Losing extra weight involves a well-planned diet and exercise regime, tailor-made to suit your needs and your lifestyle. Thereafter, you need to develop healthy habits that will ensure that those kilos stay off forever.

If you need help losing weight, you are going to love these 14 easy to implement tips that will help you lose weight forever.

1) A healthy slimming diet is critical to permanent weight loss

Most people trying to lose weight turn to fad diets that promise rapid weight loss.

Don’t do that.

Choose a diet plan that suits your needs and your lifestyle. The best diet for losing weight is a diet that you can follow for life. It would be best if you could get a nutritionist to help with this. 

If you'd like, you could check out this video for a weight loss diet. 

Diet Chart for Weight loss

Initially, your diet plan may be a little difficult to follow, but with time you will adjust to it.

Remember that dieting does not mean that you starve yourself thin and stop eating your favourite foods... Just eat wisely and make healthy choices. 

For example:
If you love pizzas, try making them at home. Add some whole wheat flour to the dough for the base (If you do not fancy baking, you can use the readymade base) and opt for vegetarian toppings, coupled with low-fat cheese. 

Some of the things to keep in mind while establishing a healthy diet plan include:
Depressed already?

Don’t be. Occasionally eating moderate portions of ‘forbidden’ food will not do much harm. Just don’t overdo it.

Take my experience for example:
During the first week of my weight loss diet, I stuck to the plan very strictly. But on day 7, I had this intense craving for that bar of chocolate that I knew was in the fridge. So, I gave in. BUT, I had only a small bit – I killed the craving, but not my diet! 

Once you reach your target weight you can try and re-incorporate your favourites into your diet, in moderation. 

I don’t totally avoid chocolates anymore. But, I don’t have more than one small piece at a time and that too, never more than once in a day. 

2) Get adequate exercise and cultivate an active lifestyle – NOTE: You don’t need to hit the gym.

Getting adequate and adopting an active lifestyle is the most effective way to lose weight. 

Most experts will tell you to exercise for at least 1 hour per day. 

I won’t. (Well...I am not an expert...;)

Don’t get me wrong. If you can manage that, it would be great. But, it just didn’t work for me.

If you too are a homemaker, you will agree that after taking care of all those household chores, exercise is the last thing that you’d want to do.

Or is it just me?!

So, what I did instead, was keep myself active as much as possible and whenever I could, I’d take a nice brisk walk. 

If you can’t walk outdoors, no harm walking indoors or even on the terrace, if you have one. 

(I get most of my exercise during my lengthy chats over the phone - I walk while I talk!)

Even 20 minutes of brisk walking daily can reap a great deal of rewards. Try taking a brisk 5 minute walk every couple of hours. This is especially important for those who have sedentary jobs.

Try making exercise a normal part of your daily schedule.

For example:
If you need something delivered to a colleague, do it yourself instead of calling for the office boy. (Pretend he doesn't exist!) And of course, use the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can.

Another great idea is to include exercise in your leisure activities.

For example: 
Instead of catching a movie with your friends on the weekends, try trekking or sign up for a weekly dance class (maybe try Zumba?), or even just go jogging/walking.

And remember…

Don’t stop exercising once you’ve lost weight. Continue to exercise and stay active in order to keep away the weight and also to stay healthy and fit.

3) This next tip is the key ingredient in any weight loss plan.

Staying motivated!

I cannot stress how important this is. The best weight loss plans will fall flat if you lack motivation.

If you need help staying motivated, connect with other like-minded people or maybe even support groups. Weight loss need not be a lonely journey. Find a friend and both of you can motivate each other.

For example:
Rope in a friend/neighbour/colleague who is also trying/needs to lose weight. The two of you can work on your weight loss together. If you can't find a group, form one of your own!

Alternatively, you could find support on various online forums. Find an online weight loss buddy to help you stay motivated. 

4) Control cravings and ward off those food binges

Food binges can easily derail even the best weight loss plans. And although the first few bites might make you feel good, guilt and regret will soon follow.

With a little effort, you can stop a binge before it even starts.

Identify your cravings and the triggers that lead to a binge and take corrective measures.

For example:
If you normally tend to binge when you feel bored or lonely, try to avoid these situations by keeping yourself busy and surrounding yourself with people.

If you do feel the urge to binge, try to delay the urge for as long as possible. Use distraction as a tool – do something interesting, listen to some music, take a walk, talk to a friend or even try meditation.

Take away the temptation...

Don’t stock the foods that you like to binge on. Stock healthy snacks only. Conduct a Pantry Overhaul. (More on that below)

If all fails and you give in to the craving, try your best to stop after a few bites. Even if you do give in to a binge, forgive yourself and get back on track.

Don’t let it be a reason for you to give up. Just keep trying harder.

(Tip no. 12 is very useful to help curb food binges. You will be surprised, but it really works!)

5) Take the Healthy Fat Pledge

For years we have been told that a low-fat diet is the most effective way to lose weight. However, the key to weight loss lies in cutting calories and since fats tend to make you feel faster they could help curb weight gain due to overeating. 

What also matters, is the type of fat that you consume. In fact, good fats are essential to maintain physical and emotional health.

So, instead of avoiding fat or turning to low-fat foods, try this – take the Healthy Fat Pledge.
Pledge, that you will not eliminate all fat from your diet. Instead, make healthy choices and replace bad fats with healthy ones that promote your well-being. 

Here is a fabulous guide on choosing healthy fats to help you differentiate between good and bad fats.

6) Make these guys your best friends in your weight loss journey. 

I’m talking about veggies! Learn to love them and gorge on them. 

Eating lots of veggies, will make you full and you will automatically have smaller portions of other food. 

Look at this diet plan for example:

This was my menu plan while I was losing weight. It was too much to eat!! But, it was predominantly veggies. After such a filling meal, there was never space for sweets or deserts or snacks!

Include lots of cabbage in your diet. It is known to be one of the best slimming vegetables

Raw vegetables also make healthy and refreshing snacks - try munching on some carrot sticks, or some cucumber.

7) Turn you kitchen into a weight loss laboratory

As far as possible, limit/avoid eating out and eat home cooked food. 

Turn you kitchen into a food laboratory!


Convert your favourite recipes into healthy low-calorie dishes by using healthy substitutes. Get innovative.

For example: 
Try substituting refined flour with whole wheat flour.
Try cooking with little or no fat – methods like steaming, grilling, baking, roasting can be used to make some delicious food and healthy too.

Not too keen on experimenting?

There are several recipe books on low calorie cooking. You could even search for recipes online. Try cooking light.

Love desserts? Here’s an idea - Take your favourite dessert recipe and substitute ingredients with low calorie alternatives where possible.

Take this One bowl chocolate cake for example: 
It is made using whole wheat flour and canola oil.

How about a nice bowl of plain fruit salad for dessert? - healthy and delicious too :)

8) Get rid of your food misconceptions and make healthy food choices

Starchy foods such as rice, pasta, potatoes, bread are not entirely fattening. They are medium calorie foods. 

They are fine as long as you don’t combine them with loads of fat 

For example:
A loaf of bread will not do any harm. Just don’t slather it with butter!

Wherever possible, however, wholegrain foods (wholemeal bread/brown rice) are always a better option over refined food.

Can’t live without meat?

Choose lean cuts of meat and remove all fat before cooking it. Eat poultry without the skin.

What about fish? 

Fish oils are beneficial to your health. But, try to avoid frying fish or use very little oil if you have to. Use non-stick cookware wherever possible. Try grilling or baking fish instead – it’s healthier and it does taste great if seasoned to taste.

Avoid sweet, savoury snacks such as pastries, cookies, cakes, crisps, salted snacks etc. They are packed with unhealthy fats and sugar. Instead, opt for lower calorie snacks such as raw, unsalted nuts. Raw veggies and fruits also serve as healthy and tasty snacks. (Fresh, juicy ones work best)

Switch to low fat dairy products – at least initially.

9) Don’t skip your breakfast ever and make it the biggest meal of the day.

Eating a healthy breakfast aids weight loss.

Do you think skipping breakfast will help you lose weight? It will not.

On the contrary it could cause you to gain weight. 

Not convinced? Let me explain.

When you skip breakfast, you quickly run out of energy to perform your daily functions. Your metabolism rate drops and you start to feel hungry. This makes you more likely to reach out to unhealthy, high calorie snacks and over time leads to weight gain.

Look at it this way:

The more you eat earlier in the day, the lesser is the urge to snack later in the day. So, if you have a big and healthy breakfast, you will be too full to snack before lunch.
Read more on the importance of a healthy breakfast.

10) Pacify hunger pangs with this wonder drink:

Ok. Picture this...

There’s still an hour before you get lunch and you start feeling hunger pangs. What do you do? 

No! Don’t reach for a snack – try this wonder drink instead. It is the best way to pacify hunger pangs without snacking.

Still wondering what it is?

Water!! Gotcha! :) 

Besides being the best thirst quencher, water helps suppress hunger pangs and can therefore help to control snacking between meals.

The truth is, hunger pangs may sometimes actually be signs of thirst. So, when you feel hungry between meals, drink a glass of water and you may not feel so hungry anymore.

11) This next tip will ensure that you always make the right food choices.

Like I said before, if you want to lose weight forever you have to make the right food choices at all times. But how do you ensure that you never give in to those tempting foods that you love?

Overhaul your pantry.

Clear out your pantry and stock only what’s good for you. Don’t stock unhealthy food items that you might overindulge in.

Definitely don't stock the foods you crave - unless your cravings are healthy!

Stock lower calorie snacks such as raw, unsalted nuts and seeds, in place of those high calorie cookies, cakes, candies, chocolates or crisps.

Conducting a Pantry Overhaul can also help stave a food binge by keeping the temptation away.

I mean, even a craving is not worth getting out of the house to go get some ice-cream. Or, is it?

12) Brushing your teeth can help you lose weight – I’m not joking!

Many toothpastes contain a compound known as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). SLS suppresses the sweet receptors on your tongue and destroys the phospholipids that inhibit bitter taste. As a result, anything that you eat/drink after brushing your teeth will taste less sweet and bitterer than it really is.

Use this to your advantage!

Remember when we were talking about managing your cravings? When you feel the urge to binge, try brushing your teeth. The food you crave will not taste so good anymore! 

As a bonus, you’ll have healthier teeth and gums! (Just as long as you don't have too many cravings in one day!)

In addition, brushing your teeth right after a meal leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. As a result you will avoid eating anything more, to avoid having to brush again. 

This really works. Give it a shot!

13) Practice good habits

Our eating habits have changed over the years. We are always in a hurry and too busy to eat. This alone is a major contributing factor in weight gain.

For example:
You are in a hurry to get to work, you skip breakfast and substitute it with whatever is available at the office.
You are so busy with your work, you don't have the time to sit and eat your meal out of a plate, so you grab a burger instead.

Practice good habits and see the difference it makes.

14) Don’t stress, be patient, be persistent...

Don’t let your weight loss journey be a burden. 

Make it fun. Enjoy it.

Yes! You can enjoy it if you put your mind to it!

If you are constantly worried about losing weight, you will only end up making matters worse. Stress will only do more damage and mar your success. 

Instead of focusing on losing weight, shift the focus on staying healthy. Weight loss will automatically follow.

If you slip up – everybody does – don’t beat yourself up over it. Get back on track and don’t try anything drastic. 

Be consistent and persistent.

If weight loss is slow, don’t give up. It takes time. You will get there eventually. Celebrate the fact that you feel so much healthier instead.
Now, its your turn...

If you are seriously trying to lose weight, use these tips and start making changes to your lifestyle. 

Get started on your weight loss journey, right now!

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