Best of Helping the Homemaker - 30 day Roundup

If you've read my post, The 30 day blogging challenge – An honest Opinion, you might be interested in what I achieved during the challenge. Here is a roundup of some of the posts during the challenge

If you are overwhelmed by new motherhood, you are not alone. Read this article for 10 simple tips to cope

If you are sleep deprived, you may be causing more damage to your health than you realize. This article stresses on the importance of sleep and the consequences of not getting enough sleep

Gifting is a common way of telling someone how much they mean to you. Yet at times, you may find yourself scratching your head, trying to think of the perfect gift for someone you truly care about. I cannot give you a sure shot formula on selecting the perfect gift, but I can surely offer some tips that might help you with your decision

A healthy breakfast is more vital to your health than you think. Read more to learn about the importance of having a healthy breakfast every morning.

Pets are an integral part of the family, and their well being is of equal importance to the homemaker as that of any other family member. This articles discusses the causes and symptoms of Distemper - a dreaded disease in canines. Read further to learn how to protect your dog from Distemper. 

An article on the increasing trend towards fast and convenience foods and how we can and must fight this Fast Food Fad. 

"Martin - a true story of a boy's fight against cancer" is truly a book worth reading and is full of valuable lessons to be learnt from a little boy who braved cancer.

This is a recipe for the preparation of Tomato Rice in the Microwave. However, you can modify it and prepare the normal way too, if you do not fancy using the Microwave. This is a mildly flavoured rice and goes well with any gravy or raita.

Owing to the numerous uses of turmeric powder, it has come to be known as the Queen of all spices. This popular spice can do much more than just add flavour to your cooking. Read further to know more about the many uses of turmeric powder.

Although there are many OTC medicines available, it is best to treat a cold without medicines. There are several home remedies which are safe and more effective in treating a cold than any medicines.

Looking for a natural homemade remedy to cure your cold? Here is a recipe for a herbal tea that is certain to do just that! This wonder drink soothes your throat, relieves cough and also helps expel mucous. 

Turmeric has several cosmetic benefits which make it ideal for use in any beauty regimen. Read further to learn how you can prepare some practical and useful homemade beauty recipes using turmeric, right in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Breastfeeding is probably the best gift you can give your baby. Breast milk is packed with nutrients and antibodies which are beneficial to your baby in many ways. Here are some important facts about breastfeeding that will be useful in your breastfeeding journey.

Online shopping has become increasingly popular in India lately. This is evident by the rising number of online shopping portals. Online shopping finds appeal with everyone, right from the busy working class to busy homemakers and trendy teenagers! The ease of shopping in the comfort of one's home, a wide range of products and amazing discounts, are just some of the reasons why online shopping has become so popular. 
If you are new to online shopping, here is a collection of articles that will help you make your experience a good one

Dahi Bhalle is a very popular chaat and is made of fried lentil dumplings served in yoghurt. It is often prepared in many Indian homes during the festival of Holi. My version has been heavily modified and is therefore twisted!!

This is my recipe for a Tomato-Onion Uttapam that is quick and easy to prepare and tasty too. It can be served with any sauce or chutney of your choice. But, it is flavourful enough to be had by itself too! 

This hot chicken recipe is not only quick and easy to prepare, but also uses very few ingredients. It is perfect for days when you are out of groceries, but really want to enjoy some good chicken!

For years now, coconut oil has been branded as one of the worst oils to consume. As a result, many people have switched to refined oils that have flooded the market. Well, this bad guy is ready to make a comeback. Recent research is clearing up several misconceptions about coconut oil and is in fact indicating that it might in fact be a good guy with a bad name.

Are you a new blogger looking for help? Have you been blogging for a while now, but are thinking of giving up? Do you lack the discipline and motivation to blog consistently? The 30 day blogging challenge may be just what you need. Read on as I share my views.

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