Selecting The Perfect Gift

Gifting is a common way of telling someone how much they mean to you. Yet at times, you may find yourself scratching your head, trying to think of the perfect gift for someone you truly care about. I cannot give you a sure shot formula on selecting the perfect gift, but I can surely offer some tips that might help you with your decision

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While selecting a gift, it is important to remember that it need not necessarily be expensive. Not all expensive gifts are useful. I remember receiving so many gifts that though expensive, have been of no use to me. So, at all times when selecting a gift remember to choose useful ones that say you care and don’t be overly conscious of the price.

Tips to remember while selecting a gift

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1. Ensure that the gift has special meaning to the recipient

For example, my favourite gift was a pair of imitation earrings that I received from my brother during our childhood. He had noticed me admiring them while my mother made some purchases and had quietly purchased it later that day. I need not explain the joy that I felt at receiving that gift!
When you care about someone, you know them well enough to know their likes, desires and the things that mean a lot to them. This will help you decide on something special in their eyes.

Make It Your Own

2. Gift something Useful

Think of something that the recipient may need, but doesn’t realize it. I remember this black leather wallet that my dad used to carry. It was like an antique piece that we’d always tease him about. But he insisted that “it served the purpose”. So, for his next birthday we presented him with a brand new black leather wallet and though he said that his wallet was still good to go, his beaming face said otherwise. And yes, we never saw the old wallet again!!
The key to selecting gifts of utility is to pay attention. Casual comments in your daily conversations will have a lot of useful hints if you pay close attention. You could even keep a diary or a notebook and jot down gift ideas for special people.
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3. Gift of time or talent

As cliché as it sounds, this may sometime be the best gift you can offer. In today’s fast paced world, quality time spent with loved ones is invaluable. It is so easy to ‘just pick up’ something from a store, but spending time with someone or making something yourself, really says you care.
Remember those handmade cards that you may have gifted to your parents or teachers that were treated like masterpieces? I still have a couple from my cousins that I’m keeping to show them when they are all grown up and ‘not so cute’ anymore!!

4. Being on time

It is always important to people that you remember them on their actual birthdays or anniversaries. Sometimes, even just that makes the person happier than any gift you can give. A call or a visit just to wish your loved ones goes a long way in saying you care.
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5. Don't wait for special occasions

Gifts don’t always have to be given on special occasions. Gifts can also be given so as to offer encouragement or to acknowledge achievements. If you know that a dear one really needs something, go right ahead and gift it. You don’t need any reason to gift.
No matter how hard you think, it may not always be easy to select the perfect gift. But, if you put in a little effort I’m sure you can at least come up with something close. After all we do live in a world where nothing’s perfect. So go ahead, select your gift and bring a smile upon someone’s face. Trust me; you will have one on yours too.

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