The Importance of Eating a Healthy Breakfast

The health of the family is the prime consideration of any homemaker and eating a healthy breakfast is more vital to your health than you think. Read on to find out why you and your family should be eating breakfast like a king!

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Whether due to the myth that skipping breakfast helps weight loss or because we are always in a hurry to rush to work in the mornings; the truth is that the most vital meal of the day has simply become the most neglected. Either unhealthy options are chosen, or it is entirely skipped out!

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Studies show that children who eat a healthy breakfast have better attention spans, sharper fact recall and happier moods and thus perform better at school than children who skip breakfast. Breakfast eaters also get more nutrients and have healthier teeth, stronger bones and are less likely to be overweight. 
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Throughout the night our body fasts for several hours, during which acids form, toxins are released and energy levels drop. Thus, morning is the time for cleansing and re-fuelling; an ideal time for eating! If we force our body to work without re-fuelling, we end up feeling lethargic all day. Therefore, a wholesome and healthy breakfast is essential to keep our energy levels high. Breakfast should provide us with the energy that we need to sustain us through the day, until the next meal and hence should be packed with Proteins, Vitamins, minerals etc.

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Some simple but healthy breakfast ideas include wholemeal bread/toast, cereals and yoghurt. Fresh fruits – a seemingly simple option – are extremely nutritious and best eaten at breakfast. With proper planning and some help from experts, breakfast need not be such a bother. Several breakfast ideas are available in various health magazines, internet websites or even simple recipe books. Here is a collection of 100 healthy breakfast ideas to inspire you! Make this meal creative and simple enough so that it is a meal that you eagerly look forward to. 

You might also be interested in my e-book: Good Morning Moms-10 quick and easy breakfast ideas for busy moms. The ebook contains 10 delicious and simple breakfast recipes and also a section containing 14 simple and actionable tips on making your mornings hassle free.

So, the next time you think of rushing to work without breakfast, stop and think; why deny yourself a well deserved meal? After a whole night of fasting and with the demands of the day ahead, you deserve to have breakfast like a King!

And if you still need inspiration, check out the 3 best things to eat for breakfast, as revealed by over 43 celebrity chefs worldwide!

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