MARTIN - The best book you'll ever read

"Martin - a true story of a boy's fight against cancer" is truly a book worth reading and is full of valuable lessons to be learnt from a little boy who braved cancer.

Years ago (Maybe 1995 or 1996) at a book exhibition, I noticed this particular book because of its cover. Something about that boy in the picture, drew me to that book. But, when I read the title, I had to fight back tears.

“MARTIN - A true story of a boy’s fight against cancer”. The title of the book was distressing. How could life be so unfair? I looked at that innocent face on the cover and my heart ached for him; for his parents. I wanted to know more -  What kind of cancer? Did he live, did he die? How do you explain cancer to a ten year old child? Let alone the fact that his carefree life is about to be turned upside down by this silent killer! But I put it down, knowing that this was not a book for the faint-hearted, choosing to stay blissfully ignorant.  

However, the salesgirl intervened and I will be forever thankful to her for talking me into buying the book. It is, till date, the best book I have ever read. MARTIN changed my life in so many ways. Inspired by an innocent ten year old’s battle against cancer, I learned (among other things) to be thankful for the many things that we so easily take granted for. 

Reading that book, I shed many tears for that little boy and his mother. And I'm sure that anybody who has read/will read the book had done/will do the same. MARTIN is a poignant story of a little boy’s courageous battle against cancer. It is the story of a loving and ever-deepening relationship between mother and son; of their courage and perseverance in spite of overwhelming difficulties. Simply and overpoweringly written by Gina Vianney - Martin’s mother - this book never fails to inspire. It is a story of hope, faith, courage, conviction, selfless love and much, much more!

Of all the books I have read, MARTIN continues to be my favourite. I still have a copy - old and ragged though it is - of that book. I do not know if this book available in print or electronic media. But, I do hope it is. 

I would especially recommend it to youngsters nowadays who see minor setbacks as road-blocks. They will find loads of inspiration from MARTIN. Trust me, I was still in school when I read it and it was a huge inspiration. It taught me to always be grateful for all that I have and let go of what I don't/can't have. 

MARTIN is a book that touches the depths of the heart. It is indeed a wonderful and inspiring read and I’m sure you will agree!

Have you ever a read a book that has had a lasting impression you or inspired you or helped you turn your life around? Do let us know in the comments. I'd love to know. 

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