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Those of you who have been following me since inception might have noticed a sudden burst of posts from me this past week. Let me explain!

Ever since I started out with my blog, I lacked discipline. I simply got carried away with anything and everything. I was desperately in need of some motivation and direction, which I found thanks to my good friend and fellow blogger Anu Nagaraja

Among Anu's several useful shares and reshares on Google plus, was a post wherein she mentioned that she was doing a "30 day blogging Challenge" devised by Sarah Arrow. That was just what I needed. So, I checked out immediately and signed up. The sudden burst of posts is a result of this challenge and there's still more to come.

Here is a small roundup of my posts for the past week:

Day 1: 10 simple tips on coping with New Motherhood

Few things are as overwhelming as becoming a mother for the very first time. Motherhood is challenging - physically, emotionally and psychologically! This article lists out 10 simple tips that helped me cope with the stress of new motherhood.

Day 2: Sleeping Matters

Most of us underestimate the value of a good night's sleep. Sleep deprivation is more common now than ever! This is article stresses on the importance of sleep and the consequences of not getting enough sleep

Day 3: Selecting The Perfect Gift

Gifting is a common way of telling someone how much they mean to you. Yet at times, you may find yourself scratching your head, trying to think of the perfect gift for someone you truly care about. I cannot give you a sure shot formula on selecting the perfect gift, but I can surely offer some tips that might help you with your decision

Day 4: Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

The health of the family is the prime consideration of any homemaker and a healthy breakfast is more vital to your health than you think. Read on to find out why you and your family should be eating breakfast like a king!

Day 5: Protect Your Dog From Distemper

Pets are an integral part of the family, and their well being is of equal importance to the homemaker as that of any other family member. This articles discusses the causes and symptoms of Distemper - a dreaded disease in canines.

Day 6: Fighting The Fast Food Fad

An article on the increasing trend towards fast and convenience foods and how we can and must fight this Fast Food Fad. Homemakers can play a major role in fighting this fad by providing their family with healthy, nutritious and tasty home-cooked alternatives.

Day 7: MARTIN - The best book you'll ever read
This is my review of the best book I've ever read till date (And I have read many!). "Martin - a true story of a boy's fight against cancer" is truly a book worth reading and is full of valuable lessons to be learnt from a little boy who braved cancer.

Well, it has been a fulfilling week so far and I hope I can continue to stay committed , despite a fussy toddler and husband demanding constant attention. 

This post would be incomplete without a big thank you to Anu Nagaraja for introducing me to this challenge. (I cannot help but mention here that Anu's blog, Easy Bites Online, is a repository of Modern Indian Vegetarian Food. Her recipes are not only simple and healthy, but also well presented and tasty. Do check it out.)

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