Routine housework simplified

Housework is time consuming, exhausting and boring. Here are a few simple tips to simplify routine housework and help save time. You might find that housework is really not all that bad!

Dirty dishes

Being organised

A well organised kitchen can save a lot of time and energy. Sugar, salt, frequently used spices should be kept in transparent jars or labelled containers and should be easily accessible. It helps to group them neatly on an open shelf. You can even invest in a spice box that meets your personal needs. the market is full of so many options.You can even use your imagination and devise something of your own.

Plan ahead

Buy provisions for at least a fortnight. However, remember that some items are perishable and may not stay long. Keep a stock of tinned stuff, pickles or ready to eat meals which can come in handy when you have unexpected guests. I find it handy to have a notepad and pen on the refrigerator, where I can make a note of items that I need to stock up on.

Combine jobs/Multitasking

Kitchen time can be minimised if you learn to do some tasks simultaneously. In the mornings as soon as the kettle is on, I start with the dishes. So, by the time the tea is done, so are the dishes! Well, not always – but you get the idea. Vegetables an be cut up while the rice is cooking, frequently used masalas (dry or wet) can be prepared in bulk and stored appropriately.

Some handy household tips:

  1. When chopping vegetables, place a newspaper under the board to preventing the surrounding platform from getting messy. You can even just drop all the peels ans skins on the paper or keep a separate container for such waste and throw it away once you are finally done.
  2. Potatoes and eggs can be boiled together. So, if you are boiling eggs you can drop in some potatoes too and keep them for later.
  3. A pair of kitchen scissors is always handy and can be used for snipping parsley, mint, coriander leaves etc.
  4. When boiling dal,rice, pasta, it will not overflow if you coat the rim of the vessel with butter or ghee.
  5. Skins of small onions can be easily removed if they are soaked in water for a while.
  6. Watering of eyes when cutting onions can be prevented by cutting in half and immersing in cold water for 5 minutes. Alternatively you could keep it in the refrigerator.
  7. To shell hard boiled eggs quickly and easily, put a bit of salt into the water while boiling. After they have boiled, put them straight into a bowl of cold water.
  8. An image of boiliong of eggs
  9. To get the maximum juice out of lemons, roll them on a hard surface before using. Lemons should be brought to room temperature before squeezing to get maximum juice with little effort.
  10. To peel garlic easily – crush it slightly first.
  11. To soften butter quickly, keep the dish on a warm vessel or microwave it for just 3-5 seconds.
  12. To clean burnt vessels, soak them overnight in salt water. The next day boil the water and then wash.
The market nowadays is flooded with interesting gadgets that can help simplify kitchen work. However, not all are useful. Choose what works for you. If possible, try them out first before buying. Usually demonstrators will be able to work wonders with those little magical items and the magic is gone when you try it out in your kitchen! So, make sure YOU will be able to use it before you buy.
I do hope this articles, is helpful to some of you in some way. Do you have any tips that can help save time in the kitchen? Do share them with us.

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